COCO FARM, eggs and confidence in one’s own talent: the story of a baby entrepreneur and his special friends

Music and words, colours, animals, and young entrepreneurs. The ELEMENTS+ 6 jurors, crowding the Sala Lumière, come across the thoughts of a young entrepreneur. His name is Max. Can you be an entrepreneur at 12 years old? Yes, in a joyful and playful way if ideas flow and you have a nose for business. This is the story of COCO FARM (Canada, directed by Sébastien Gagné). “What is the maximum number of hens I can own? How many eggs do they lay per day, per week, per month and per year?”. The questions churn on the bicycles and in the barn, the strategy materialises. “We will earn a hundred thousand dollars per year.” Max is forced to close his garage business and move with his father to a small country town. When Max discovers chickens in his cousin Charles’ old, abandoned barn, he sees an opportunity to get back into business. Doubts swarm and clash with dreams: ‘Where will we put five hundred chickens? They will be happy, you will take care of them: you will be a manager,’ says one friend to the other. Imagination and courage are not enough to run an entrepreneurial project; you also need to make a name for yourself. So, the two partners join forces with Alice, a young youtuber known for her gardening videos, and embark on the establishment of a farm with 500 hens. It becomes a pleasant, joyful story, enjoyed by the jurors. COCO FARM is director Sébastien Gagné’s first feature film. He is working on several films at different stages of development. He will also participate in the creative residency of the Carrousel de Rimouski 2023- under the guidance of mentor Marc Robitaille – to refine LES GAMINS, his next feature film.

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