“Everything calls for salvation 2”: Together with Netflix, the first episode to be premiered for the jurors of #Giffoni54 on july 19

Friday, July 19, will mark the opening of the 54th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, scheduled from July 19 to 28. To best celebrate this occasion, the festival program will kick off with a highly anticipated special event: the spotlights of the opening day will indeed be set on the first episode of the second season of “EVERYTHING CALLS FOR SALVATION”, the acclaimed Netflix series produced by Picomedia. A not-to-be missed opportunity to get to experience the evolution of a story that has deeply touched the hearts of the audience and which was first presented in 2022 right in Giffoni. Jurors will have the opportunity to discover new chapters in the life of Daniele (Federico Cesari), immersing themselves in an intense and engaging story that plumbs the complexities of the human soul as it strives for salvation. Telling us what awaits us in the coming months on the popular streaming service will be director Francesco Bruni, screenwriter Daniele Mencarelli, along with leads Federico Cesari, Fotinì Peluso and Drusilla Foer.

Two years have passed since we last saw Daniele and the ship of fools.

Many things have changed: Daniele and Nina became the parents of little Maria and shortly after her birth they became estranged. We now find them vying for custody of the child with the support of their respective and very different families. Following his intense experience during his compulsory health treatment week, Daniele chose to become a nurse and is about to become a trainee in the hospital where he was admitted, thanks to Dr. Cimaroli’s help. He has five weeks to show the judge that he can make that a stable employment, proving that he is a reliable parent. The new role brings Daniele to meet the new patients in the ward, who force him to reflect on his over-empathy for the pain of others and threaten to derail him again.

The 5-episode series directed by Francesco Bruni and written together with Daniele Mencarelli and Daniela Gambaro features an outstanding cast: Federico Cesari (Daniele Cenni), Fotinì Peluso (Nina), Vincenzo Crea (Gianluca), Vincenzo Nemolato (Madonnina), Lorenzo Renzi (Giorgio), Alessandro Pacioni (Alessandro), Samuel Di Napoli (Rachid), Marco Todisco (Paolo), Ricky Memphis (Pino), Filippo Nigro (Dr. Mancino), Raffaella Lebboroni (Dr. Cimaroli), Bianca Nappi (Rossana), Flaure BB Kabore (Alessia), Lorenza Indovina (Anna), Arianna Mattioli (Antonella), Michele La Ginestra (Angelo), Vittorio Viviani (Armando), Giacomo Mattia (Giovanni). The series also stars Valentina Romani (Angelica), Andrea Pennacchi (Mario), Drusilla Foer (Matilde) and the participation of Carolina Crescentini (Giorgia).

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