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The seventh day of Giffoni53 starts at 10 a.m. in SALA TRUFFAUT with DELEGATION by Asaf Saban (Israel, Poland, Germany, 2023), competing in the GENERATOR +16 section.

The seventh day of Giffoni53 starts at 10 a.m. in SALA TRUFFAUT with DELEGATION by Asaf Saban (Israel, Poland, Germany, 2023), competing in the GENERATOR +16 section. Set against the backgrpund of concentration camps and places of remembrance, three Israeli high school classmates participate in a school trip visiting Holocaust sites in Poland, their last time together before joining the military. This journey will change them forever. A

At 2.30 p.m., also in SALA TRUFFAUT, GUILT, directed by Ümran Safter, will be screened. It is a feature film competing in the GENERATOR +13 section. Reyhan, raised in a religious family, arrives at her grandmother Ummu’s (65) house in a conservative village in central Anatolia. She has just had her first menstrual cycle and fears the consequences of being unable to perform the required religious washing rituals. She is in inner turmoil: she absolutely refuses to believe in such customs, which she ultimately feels are mere superstitions based on unproven traditions.

In SALA SORDI, the ELEMENTS +10 section jurors will gather. At 10 a.m. (and a repeated screening at 5 p.m.), THERE AND BACK, directed by Oleg Assadulin (Russia, 2023), will be screened. Mitya and his father go to the oncology hospital for a routine examination. The boy is left there for further tests. Mitya meets a patient, Marina, who tells him about Capo Storto, a magical place created to grant wishes.

In SALA LUMIÈRE, the ELEMENTS +6 jurors take the center stage. The first film in the program and competition is an animated film titled TITINA. The protagonist is the little dog Titina, found on the streets of Rome by Italian aeronautical engineer Umberto Nobile. One day, the famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen contacts him and orders a dirigible to conquer the North Pole. Nobile seizes the opportunity to make history, bringing Titina along. Directed by Kajsa Næss (Norway, Belgium, 2022), TITINA will be shown again at 4 p.m.

In SALA GALILEO, for the GENERATOR +18 section, it’s the day for NORTH OF ALBANY. Annie frantically flees from Montreal to the United States with her son Felix and teenage daughter, Sarah, fearing repercussions after Sarah severely injures the school bully. When Sarah realizes her secret has been discovered, she runs away, forcing Annie and Paul to join forces to find her.

 At 4 p.m., the SALA GALILEO hosts WE WILL NOT FADE AWAY, competing in the GEX DOC section. Five young people dream of escaping not only from the war but also – like teenagers from all around the world – from the boredom of a small town. Then, unexpectedly, an opportunity arises for them to embark on a long journey to Nepal.

In SALA VERDE THEATER, for the PARENTAL EXPERIENCE section, there’s COME LE TARTARUGHE, out of competition. A perfect family experiences the discomfort of misunderstandings and distance. One day, the husband empties the closet and leaves and the closet becomes Lisa’s ideal place to seek refuge and process the separation. Sveva, the fifteen-year-old daughter, does everything to pull her out of it, not accepting her mother’s bizarre behaviour and her father’s unexplained absence.

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