First talents of #Giffoni54 announced: Cristiana Dell’Anna, Magherita Vicario, Domenico Cuomo, Michela Giraud, Lino Guanciale, Marco D’Amore, Lea Gavino, Romana Maggiora Vergano and Giacomo Abbruzzese

The meaning of Giffoni lies in a continuous exchange of stories, visions, moments, smiles and emotions, because this is where the illusion of distance is dismantled, this is where it turns into a space to be filled with experiences, opportunities and words. At the festival, we know that, exchange is a standard requirement: therefore, from July 19 to 28 dialogue, discovery and knowledge will be the key elements that will brighten Giffoni, which for over 54 years has never ceased to listen, amaze and understand the 5,000 jurors from all over the world who attend each year.

On Saturday, July 20, the jurors will meet CRISTIANA DELL’ANNA: talented and versatile, she won the attention of Italian audiences with her bold and striking role as Patrizia in the series Gomorrah. A gifted actress with extreme sensitivity that is passionately transferred to her performances, her outstanding Luisa De Filippo in Mario Martone’s Qui rido io earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the David di Donatello Awards in 2022. She is also featured in Paolo Sorrentino’s acclaimed È stata la mano di Dio and in Sydney Sibilia’s latest film Mixed by Erry, in the co-starring role. In Cabrini, a biopic about the nun and missionary Maria Francesca Cabrini, she keeps proving her extraordinary talent, winning the admiration of international audiences.

On July 21, Giffoni will welcome the energy of MARGHERITA VICARIO. Singer-songwriter, actress and director, her unmistakable smile and versatility are marking her brilliant career, showing that cinema is increasingly in need of women who can catalyze art in all its forms with flair and effortlessness. Gloria!, her debut feature, is the story of a group of girls in the late 18th century who, thanks to their determination and their love for music, manage to make their dreams come true. July 21 will also see the presence of DOMENICO CUOMO, who will meet the giffoners to share his story without filters: passion, sacrifice, and then success, he is one of the most beloved stars of Mare Fuori and Un Professore, as well as the fine lead of the film Mimì – Il Principe delle Tenebre. He is currently shooting the fifth season of Mare Fuori. His deep and intense gaze masterfully and truthfully captures the fragilities and impatience of an entire generation. At Giffoni, he will talk about his views, dreams and life to the young jurors.

On July 23, the irreverence and verve of MICHELA GIRAUD, one of Italy’s most popular stand-up comedians, will mark what will surely be a wacky and free encounter. Michela Giraud recently completed a European tour with her show Mi hanno gettata in mezzo ai lupi e non ne sono uscita capobranco, which will be touring Italy this fall. Her film Flaminia, which marks her directorial debut, tells the story of two very different sisters, Flaminia, played by Giraud herself, and Ludovica, a girl on the autism spectrum. Both born in North Rome, they were raised apart and get to meet again as adults, which will change their lives. On the same day, LINO GUANCIALE will be welcomed to Giffoni for the first time: an elegant, profound and ever-evolving artist, with a career that spans theater, film and TV, Lino Guanciale is able to experiment and sensitively enrich his interpretations, always delivering masterful and passionate roles. Among them is inspector Ricciardi, Maurizio de Giovanni’s introverted anti-hero who has the uncomfortable secret gift of being able to feel the thoughts and words of victims of violent death. The third season of the series Il Commissario Ricciardi is currently being filmed and is scheduled to air next winter, so as to complete the first 12 novels.

July 24 will mark MARCO D’AMORE‘s big return to the Festival, which will be a bit like a homecoming for him. He will bring to Giffoni an increasingly rich and impressive experience and will retrace with the jury members his artistic career with the genuineness and spontaneity that have always distinguished him. A few months ago we saw him in the movies with his film Caracas, which also starred Francesco Ghiaccio and Toni Servillo.

July 25 will see the presence of LEA GAVINO (powered by Comix): her complex, profound and emotional interpretation of Rosa in Leonardo D’Agostino’s film Una storia nera established her as one of the most talented and promising actresses around. Already known to the general public for the series Skam Italia on Netflix and for L’ombra di Caravaggio (2022), she will open up about her story to the young jury members.

On July 26, jurors will meet breakthrough actress of the year ROMANA MAGGIORA VERGANO: we loved her sublime performance as Marcella, Delia’s daughter in C’è ancora domani -Paola Cortellesi’s directorial debut-, a role for which she received a David di Donatello nomination as Best supporting actress. She is also featured in an international Amazon series, in Francesca Comencini’s film on her father Luigi -in which she stars along with Fabrizio Gifuni- and in a film directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde on the story of a remarkable Italian woman, Francesca Cabrini, which is having great success in America and has Romana playing an important role.

On July 27, Giffoni will welcome director and screenwriter GIACOMO ABBRUZZESE. His debut film Disco Boy was presented at the Berlinale in 2023 -the only Italian film in competition- and was awarded the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution, as well as being nominated at the David di Donatello and at Nastri d’Argento for Best Debut.


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