Giacomo Giorgio, Matteo Paolillo, Federico Cesari and Pilar Fogliati at #Giffoni53

Giffoni is a happy place, where art becomes an opportunity to meet, compare and grow. A place where finding each other becomes necessary, a place of young people for young people.

The 53rd edition, scheduled from the 20th to the 29th of July, will be the perfect occasion to speak about talent and to exalt it. And to celebrate young talent, which is full of passion and has a lot to say.  This is the journey that more than 6500 jurors from as many as 30 nations will embark on. It will be precisely the young people, in fact, who will meet some of the best-loved personalities of the small and big screen, who have made art a real reason for living: GIACOMO GIORGIO, MATTEO PAOLILLO, FEDERICO CESARI and PILAR FOGLIATI.

GIACOMO GIORGIO has been dreaming about becoming an actor since he was six years old; he has never had any doubt and now he’s finally turning that dream into reality: the theatre is almost like a second home to him and now he’s one of the most interesting and loved artists. He’ll be in Giffoni on the 23d of JULY. He was Ciro in the TV series MARE FUORI and also played other important roles in films such as in Diabolik-Ginko all’attacco. We’ll soon see him in Diabolik chi sei?, directed once again by the Manetti Bros. We’ll also see him in the Rai and Prime Video co-production Noi siamo Leggenda and in Per Elisa, directed by Marco Pontecorvo, which recounts Elisa Claps’s murder.

He is Campania’s pride and one of the greatest talents from our region, who has managed to make himself popular and loved. He’s intense and versatile and realised at only 13 years old that his great passion for acting would lead him to begin a long path of studies and research that later ended up making him move to Rome: he is MATTEO PAOLILLO, a very passionate and enthusiastic personality. The role of Edoardo made him one of the most loved characters of Mare Fuori, the series that brought him success in 2020 and that gave free expression to his great love for music. Indeed, he’s the singer of the theme song that went platinum and also performs several tracks from the series. His first record work ‘Come Te’ has already conquered the charts: an overwhelming success for Paolillo, who returns to Giffoni on the 27th of JULY to meet the jurors.

Another great talent who’ll be back at the festival is FEDERICO CESARI, who will meet the jurors on the 28th of JULY: after the great success of Skam Italia in 2018, he was the star of “Tutto Chiede salvezza”, directed by Francesco Bruni. A sublime, intense and engaging performance, which has been capable of reaching the heart of the general public. In the series he is Daniele, and faces the delicate path of compulsory health treatment. The second season will be shot in summer.

With her captivating and unmistakable look, PILAR FOGLIATI shines in her own light and is

ready to light up Giffoni with her absolute and natural energy on the 29th of JULY. Her career began in the theatre and she then made her debut on the big screen in 2016 as the protagonist of Fausto Brizzi’s film “Forever Young”. She then become one of the most loved and recognised faces of several successful Rai productions such as “Cuori”, “Non dirlo al mio capo” and “Un passo dal cielo”. In December she starred in the Netflix series “Odio il Natale” and in spring she made her directorial debut with “Romantiche”, a film in which she also plays the four leading characters.

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