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The 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, dedicated to the theme of INDISPENSABILI, has officially come to an end. The jurors of the ELEMENTS+6, ELEMENTS+10, GENERATOR +13, GENERATOR +16, GENERATOR +18, GEX DOC and PARENTAL EXPERIENCE sections have determined the winners of this year’s Gryphon Award, divided between feature films and shorts in each category.

The 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, dedicated to the theme of INDISPENSABILI, has officially come to an end. The jurors of the ELEMENTS+6, ELEMENTS+10, GENERATOR +13, GENERATOR +16, GENERATOR +18, GEX DOC and PARENTAL EXPERIENCE sections have determined the winners of this year’s Gryphon Award, divided between feature films and shorts in each category.

In the ELEMENTS +6 section, the award went to the film A CAT’S LIFE (Vita da gatto, France), directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky and distributed in Italy by Plaion Pictures. It is the journey of Clémence and her kitten, Rroû. Having set off from Paris to spend their summer holiday in the French countryside, the two friends immerse themselves in wildlife and make friends with Câline, a white kitten wandering in the woods.

In the ELEMENTS +10 category, the winning feature film was LIONESS (Netherlands), directed by Raymond Grimbergen. The main character is the footballer Rosi, a 14-year-old girl with more talent for football than self-confidence. When Rosi finds out that she has to move to Holland, nothing will ever be the same again. At the new school Rosi struggles to fit in, but thanks to her ability with the ball, she is accepted into the football team. However, her successes cause the envy of the other players and jeopardise her newly formed friendship with Jitte.

The jurors of the GENERATOR +13 section voted for the film THE FANTASTIC THREE directed by French director Michaël Dichter. Set in a suburban France, and narrated through eyes that have stopped dreaming, three inventive and strong-willed teenagers come to terms with harsh reality. They feel isolated, left to their own devices and, at the same time, they have the energy of youth and the strength of their friendship on their side.

In the GENERATOR +16 category, the jurors voted for the feature film NORMAL, directed by Olivier Babinet (France/Belgium) which will be distributed in Italy by No.Mad Entertainment. Fourteen-year-old Lucie is a teenager taking care of her father William, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Lucie does her best at school while juggling a job in a sandwich shop and all the household chores. With her father, she devises an elaborate plan to make child welfare services believe they are living a perfectly normal life.

The winner of the Generator +18 section is the Italian film IL PIÙ BEL BELLO DELLA MIA VITA directed by Alessandro Bardani, distributed in Italy by Lucky Red. A story based on an Italian law according to which a child who is not legally recognised at birth can only know the identity of his biological parents when he reaches one hundred years of age. Giovanni, a young adopted boy, thanks to the help of Gustavo, the only centenarian not recognised at birth, will set off on a journey full of emotions and unexpected events, with the aim of getting this obsolete and inhuman rule changed.

The winner of the GEx Doc category, dedicated to documentaries, was the film MIGHTY AFRIN: IN THE TIME OF FLOODS (France,Greece) directed by Angelos Rallis. In a Bangladeshi village lives a 12-year-old orphan girl, who has to marry at the behest of her family. Determined to change her future, on the day of yet another flood affecting her village, Afrin decides to run away to the city of Dhaka.

The Gryphon Award for Best Short Film in the Elements +3 section went to the Argentinian short film THE MERRY-GO-ROUND directed by Augusto Schillaci. A moving tale about beloved Argentinean merrymakers who have dedicated their lives to bringing fun and happiness to children and their neighbourhoods. A story of perseverance and community.

The Elements+6 section rewarded the short film THE GHASTLY GHOUL directed by directors Kealan O’Rourke and Maurizio Parimbelli. On Halloween night, when a small monster from Halloween Town gets stuck in the human world for too much trick-or-treating, it is a little girl who will face her fears and help the little monster return home.

The Elements +10 jurors awarded the prize to the Italian short film LOOP directed by Luigi Russo. Ciro is the school bully but a shocking event will occur in his life: he will find himself reliving the same day over and over again like a hellish circle. To get out of it he will be forced to re-evaluate his actions that make others suffer, but also himself.

And finally, in the PARENTAL EXPERIENCE section, the short film An Irish Goodbye directed by directors Tom Berkeley and Ross White triumphed. Set on a farm in rural Northern Ireland, it is a black comedy that follows the reunion of brothers Turlough and Lorcan after the untimely death of their mother.

With regard to the Special Awards, the jurors of the Elements+6 section assigned the CLEAR CHANNEL SPECIAL AWARD, to the animated film TONY, SHELLY AND THE MAGIC LIGHT by Filip Pošivač (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). Clear Channel picked as its prize a bicycle, a symbol of a green lifestyle, of sharing, of togetherness between people, a link between ancient and modern values, perfectly expressed in the manifesto of this edition dedicated to “Indispensabili”. The reason why the ‘Innovation and Sustainability’ prize was awarded to FILIP POSIVAC is that the director of ‘TONY, SHELLY AND THE MAGIC LIGHT’ attained very rare peaks of tenderness and insight, something we feel the need for every day. We felt immersed in the story, and we would like to remain so forever. Congratulations to Filip!”.

In the Elements+6 section, the CONAI SPECIAL AWARD SECTION Prize was awarded to ADVENTURES IN THE LAND OF ASHA directed by SOPHIE FARKAS BOLLA (Canada). The motivation: “It was able to illustrate, through a story of friendship, the core values of respect for nature and its safeguard, reminding us that the earth does not belong to one man, but it is men who belong to the earth”.

And finally, again in the ELEMENTS +6 section, the BPER BANK SPECIAL AWARD went to COCO FARM by Sebastien Gagné (Canada): “because in this film are present all the essential ingredients for successfully realising an entrepreneurial idea. Creativity, like Max’s, can go a long way if accompanied by determination and the right assessment of available resources. This film is about initiative, obstacles to overcome, collaboration and, above all, optimism, which allows us to transform critical moments into the creative tension from which everything is born’.

The jurors of the Elements+10 section handed over the LETE SPECIAL AWARD, to LIONESS by Raymond Grimbergen. The motivation: “For its extraordinary ability to face adversity and pursue one’s dreams, the film is an inspiration for those struggling to overcome cultural and social barriers. Through the story of a young girl who turns difficulties into opportunities, the film conveys a powerful message of determination, resilience and personal fulfilment. It offers an authentic and engaging portrayal of an individual’s journey of growth and celebrates the power of sport in overcoming diversity. For its narrative value and emotional impact, the film deserves recognition as a testimony The ENI SPECIAL AWARD, also in the ELEMENTS +10 category went to the feature film POPULAR THEORY by Ali Scher (USA). The motivation: “The film struck an emotional chord with young audiences and prompted meaningful discussions in the auditorium, leaving a lasting impression on the days spent here at Giffoni. The bold vision and compelling narrative demonstrated a level of originality and innovation that deserves recognition and support”. to hope and success”.

And finally, in the Elements+10 section, the WeSHORT AWARD, was awarded to the film SYMPHONY by ONDŘEJ NEDVĚD, VOJTĚCH KOMÁREK (Czech Republic). The motivation: “Symphony deals with the issue of disability in a poetic and light-hearted way, showing how acceptance and friendship can help overcome challenges and bullying, being a harbinger of a strongly inclusive message: welcoming others, regardless of differences, to turn them into beautiful human beings”.

The CGS (Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali) PRIZE“Creative Paths 2023” for the “GENERATOR +13” section was awarded to JUNIORS by Hugo Thomas (France). The motivation: “Because it succeeds in presenting a story of our days with young protagonists immersed in a contemporary world in which it is easy to identify thanks to an ironic and light tone. The fast-paced and eventful narration gives a glimpse, in addition to the comedy, of more serious scenarios such as bullying, difficult family and social circumstances, illness, and the teenage need to overcome prejudices, conquering freedom with regard to imposed standards. The clear and truthful dialogues make it easy for the audience to identify with the film”.

The CGS (Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali) PRIZE“Creative Paths 2023” for the “GENERATOR +16” section was awarded to ROCK.PAPER.GRENADE. by Iryna Tsilyl (Ukraine). The motivation: “It effectively portrays a story of abandonment and caretaking connected to the well-defined and typified roles of men and women in the Ukraine of the 1990s. Through a shared passion for classical music, the lives of the protagonist, whose events we follow through temporal ellipses, and Felix, an ex-soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, are linked”.

The ACEA SPECIAL AWARD 2023, “GEX DOC” section was won by the documentary MIGHTY AFRIN: IN THE TIME OF FLOOD by ANGELOS RALLIS (Greece, France). The motivation: “For its ability to awaken people’s consciences and make them aware of the values that are essential to bring about cultural, social and technological transformation: courage and hope”.


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