#Giffoni53: all the numbers of a uniquely successful edition

Numbers often tend to provide a cold analysis of an event. But as far as Giffoni is concerned, numbers correspond with the people, with the hearts of those who loved this extraordinary edition, with the soul of those who contributed to making it unique for the ideas that emerged, for the values that it was able to foster: solidarity, integration, cohesion, the wish to be together. Giffoni is a place that children, young people and families love to visit because it provides a chance to reconnect with the most beautiful and truest part of ourselves, the one that bonds us to the others. And although not everyone was able to attend, many communication tools gave those who wanted to be present the opportunity to be there, to take part in what is not simply a festival or an event, but rather an experience, a moment of growth, of training, of deepening, discovery and reflection.

Here are the numbers of #Giffoni53, which don’t represent an aseptic roundup of what happened, but show the meaning and value of an extraordinary edition.

A total of 360 thousand attendees were recorded over the ten days of the festival. The number refers to physical attendances, to the people who decided to visit this edition at its different stages. 6500 jurors gathered in Giffoni from all over Italy and from more than 35 countries.  These figures are matched by those relating to the theaters that hosted the juries and the films in competition. There were four permanent theaters, with a total of approximately 1550 seats, plus two 1600-seat tensile structures. The overall number was 3150 seats for double and triple screening shifts, so as to enable all giffoners to attend the scheduled screenings.

In ten days, around seventy thousand people attended the Giffoni Music Concept concerts in the Piazza Lumière. Dizzying numbers were also recorded in terms of guests, who totaled 420 among actors, directors, representatives of institutions, science, art, journalism, innovation and culture.

Next are the figures related to hospitality, which provide the image of a hive of activity, an area that is able to produce wealth, set the economy in motion and determine conditions for new employment, all thanks to Giffoni.

Hundreds of accommodations and bed-and-breakfast rooms were booked for the festival period in the area of Giffoni Valle Piana and the Picentini Mountains, as well as in Salerno, the Amalfi Coast and the Sele Plain. In addition to these are the numbers of food services, which are really impressive and relate to both year-round open businesses and temporary ones, namely activities that are specifically set up during the festival dates.

These were the figures of people and activities on site. Added to these are the impressive and striking numbers of Giffoni’s communication. First of all, the OTS (Opportunity to See) data is worth mentioning. From July 5 to July 31, the OTS were 1,368,296,618. This is the average frequency and number of opportunities an audience has to see and get to know an ad of any kind related to an event (in this case #Giffoni53) on any media.

As far as the two websites www.giffonifilmfestival.it  and giffoni.it are concerned, online users reached two million. Besides the homepages, the most visited and clicked on pages were those showing the program. Average users were between 18 and 45 years old. Aside from Italy, the countries that interacted the most with Giffoni are Brazil, the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, India, Australia, Sweden, Poland, and Russia.

There is yet more interesting data about the web. The maximum exposure peak was recorded between July 28 and 29, on the last two festival days, reflecting increasing attention as the program moved forward, with an average of +25% compared to the earlier days. Overall, this year’s figures more than doubled those achieved last year with #Giffoni52.

As for the press, both print and digital, over the ten festival days 451 articles were published by major newspapers and magazines. In the same reference period, there were also 3600 national agency launches and news posted by online newspapers. Coverage provided by the international press was also significant. There were more than 300 reports by major TV broadcasters and national networks. Last but not least, googling “Giffoni” yields 1.3 million results, whereas typing “Giffoni Film Festival” brings the results to 6 million 700 thousand entries.

As for Giffoni social media channels, they have never been as popular as they were this year, generating thousands of interactions. To date, 13,598,370 impressions have been recorded on Giffoni’s social networks: 9,018,567 on Facebook and 4,579,803 on Instagram. Added to these are the numbers concerning Giffoni founder Claudio Gubitosi’s social media channels, which reached 5,349,760 users.

All the figures reported so far are certified by Meta, Google Analytics and the Eco della Stampa.

These are not just cold numbers, as said, these are figures that describe an event that lies in people’s hearts, that people love because it is a boost of happiness and sharing. These numbers transcend the numbers themselves. They are the very narrative of a choral story that belongs to Italy and the whole world. The social and human reports are other stories, and they are told by all those who experienced and took part in the festival, by young people and by those who try to help them take back their lives and their identities. Incredible stories, true stories, indelible marks, especially for the less fortunate.

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