#Giffoni53: Giffoni Music Concept

The Arena in Piazza Fratelli Lumiere will be the venue for the live events of the artists. The live events will be hosted by Rebecca Staffelli, radio announcer at Radio 105, who will introduce all the artists of the programme. Elena Scisci from the Giffoni Film Festival will also assist the host. Attendance to the concerts is free.

Here you can find the complete programme of Giffoni Music Concept 2023:

July 20– Angelina Mango, Serepocaiontas, Federica Morrone
July 21 – Alfa, JPata & Off Samuel
July 22– Federica Carta, ISIDE, Luigi Strangis
July 23– gIANMARIA, Follya
July 24– Ermal Meta, Wax
July 25– Rosa Chemical, Junior Cally
July 26– Diss Gacha, Maninni
July 27– Emanuele Aloia, Berna
July 28– Merk & Kremont, Lolita
July 29– The Kolors, Bleu Smith

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