#Giffoni53 presented in a symbolic place of the Campania Region: the Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli, in the province of Naples

The project is co-financed by Campania Region and the Ministry of Culture – Cinema and Audiovisual General Direction

July 5, Bacoli – Indispensabili. Indispensable for the growth of the community and the development of territories, to start a change, spread ideas, feed the emotions, share values. This is the topic of the 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival that chose to start its story in one of the most suggestive places of Campania region. The Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli (NA), where the program of the festival, scheduled from 20 to 29 July, has been presented. The eighteenth-century structure, often used as a set for cinema and television, hosted the collective live show that marked the start of this new journey among young people and for young people, that are the absolute protagonists, as always. Campania Region is the main partner of Giffoni, with support from the Ministry of Culture.

The team presented the various sections of the programme to more than 100 giffoners, through a series of linkups from different landmarks: the Antro della Sibilla Cumana, the Tempio di Nettuno in Paestum, Riccione, where Cinè – Le Giornate Professionali di Cinema is taking place, the housing community for foreign unaccompanied minors Casa di Giona in Scafatiand the Multimedia Valley of Giffoni. In this journey there are also the mayor of Bacoli, Josi Gerardo Della Ragione; Giffoni’s director and founder Claudio Gubitosi; General Manager Jacopo Gubitosi; artistic director Luca Apolito; the Councillor for Tourism of Campania Region, Felice Casucci; the president of the Giffoni Experience body, Pietro Rinaldi; the Counsellor appointed to the Relations with the Festival of Giffoni Valle Piana, Giuseppe Marrandino; in connection from remote, there was Erri De Luca, who designed the image of #Giffoni53; General Carmine Masiello, Deputy Chief of the Defence General Staff; the Councillor for Vocational Training of Campania Region, Armida Filippelli; the director of Paestum’s archaeological park, Velia Tiziana D’Angelo; the CEO and vice-president of Medusa Film, Giampaolo Letta; Ciné’s General Manager Remigio Truocchio and the various departments of Giffoni.

Today we are writing another page that highlights the commitment we have to promote to support the adolescents in trouble – Giffoni’s founder Claudio Gubitosi said – I want to remind you of that famous human and moral testament left by Francois Truffaut in 1982. That handwritten phrase “among all the cinema festivals, that of Giffoni is the most necessary”, breaks into this meeting and our new initiatives after 41 years. To the necessary we add the “Indispensable”. The news, the tragic events we witness, often related to minors, urge us to provide tools for reading and sharing, addressed to generations that live in their own troubled little world, that devastates themselves and others. Giffoni plays its part for over half a century, with a place where light, beauty and contagious positive energy are a strong antidote to boredom and unnecessary violence”.

Jacopo Gubitosi, Giffoni’s General Manager, analyses the data: “This is a brave and ambitious edition: 150 works in competition from 35 countries, including Italy, and 50 hors concours; 320 thousand people expected from 20 to 29 July; 250 young people of the IMPACT! section will meet men and women of science, entertainment, institutions, culture, entrepreneurship, sport; 1 national and 4 international previews; 20 special events; 20 music artists and 10 live showcases. There is also the Village that includes a lot of activities for the families; from animation to laboratories, as well as the long awaited Giffoni Food Show; 30 innovators in the Dream Team section; 18 special projects with different bodies, associations and companies; more than 40 protagonists of the most important Italian and international companies. We also expect to reach 600 million potential contracts through traditional media and social networks. Finally, the most important number. After a great work of coordination, organization and review of our spaces, this year there are 6,500 jurors in the various sections, coming from 22 countries. Again this year, the traditional ritual of hospitality towards Italian and foreign jurors in the families of the territory, will take place”.

It’s always a great emotion to present a new edition of Giffoni – Pietro Rinaldi, president of the Giffoni Experience Autonomous Body, says – this year we do it in a place full of charm and suggestion, confirming how Giffoni, edition after edition, has never lost the desire to be strongly connected to Campania region, to its regional level. I want to thank Claudio Gubitosi, who continues to have insights able to fan this spark that never goes out, but rather represents a strong landmark for our young people. We can’t wait to have you with us at Giffoni, from July 20. We can’t wait to welcome the thousands of jurors that will participate to this edition, along with their families. “Indispensabili” is this year’s theme, indispensable as our kids, unique pieces of a collective dream called Giffoni”.

It’s truly exciting to present this edition of Giffoni in a place full of history and culture. Here there is a strong charm, that of the Antro della Sibilla, a place where, for millennia, people would come looking for answers. On the contrary, our young people arrive at Giffoni looking for questions, because this is our mission, promote discussion and confrontation”, this was the comment of Luca Apolito, Giffoni’s artistic director.

During the morning, Felice Casucci, Counsellor for Tourism of Campania Region, also took part. “I feel I must thank the project presented today for its varied nature and because you are able to tell many stories focusing on various topics. I ask you not to quench the attention on fragility, territoriality and hospitality. This is why Giffoni represents a great opportunity for Campania Region. Giffoni is a reference model for young people and all those who want to investigate the relations between art, culture and hospitality. For all of this, I’m truly impressed. I tell young people to evolve, to follow the example of Giffoni that has been able to create objective condition for hope and the courage of hope. Giffoni has also represented an ante litteram tool able to counter the depopulation of inland areas. For all of this, Campania Region is alongside Giffoni”.

I thank Giffoni for choosing our extraordinary town. We are in a surprisingly beautiful place. The fact that you have chosen Bacoli is for us a reason of pride because it means offering us a national and international showcase as does Campania Region in every occasion – these are the words of Josi Gerardo Della Ragione, major of Bacoli -. Our Casina Vanvitelliana is everywhere, as a symbol of our Region. Everything was born here. And I’m happy that we are presenting precisely from here an extraordinary event, born from the mind of a man who has realised how, also in this place, it was possible to create something of international importance. We Phlegraean are accustomed to beauty but we often forget that the main resource are the citizens who live the Phlegraean Fields. We too can realize something as extraordinary as Giffoni. We must contribute to realize extraordinary things. I want to remember that 39 years ago, precisely on July 5, Diego Armano Maradona showed up at the San Paolo stadium in Naples. He said he had come to make children happy. 39 years apart, I feel like there is a perfect harmony with what we do here today. Our goal is to create many Giffoni in every corner of our territory”.

General Carmine Masiello, Deputy Chief of the Defence General Staff, illustrated the activities that the Defence will realize during #Giffoni53. “I’m deeply tied to Giffoni. I participated for the first time when I was 12 and I had the beautiful occasion to talk with the young people. When I learned of this year’s theme, Indispensabili, I immediately thought about the young people that crowd the festival and are the most profound soul of the festival, representing innovation and future. They need our help to become citizens of tomorrow. Indispensable, as are the values on which our country is based. Giffoni is a space of sharing and ideas in which it is possible to tell and share stories, experiences and passions”.

Giffoni has so many excellencies but, above all, a living monument that is Claudio Gubitosi – these are the words of Giuseppe Marrandino, Counsellor appointed to the Relations with the Festival of Giffoni Valle Piana -. This year’s edition will be amazing. We are preparing as well as possible to host this colourful flood that, along with families, will crowd the streets of our town. I want to thank the families of Giffoni that, during these days, will host the jurors. This is one of Giffoni’s points of strength. We have a positive synergy with the Giffoni Film Festival, as proven by the various construction sites and the works realized in these years that have allowed a strong transformation of the territory”.

In connection from the housing community for foreign unaccompanied minors “La Casa di Giona” of Scafati, the Councillor for Vocational Training of Campania Region, Armida Filippelli, took part: “One of the goals that we share with Giffoni is to promote the inclusion and to give young people those opportunity that an early school leaving could deny them, condemning them to a life not up to their talent. We are inclusive and we want to be so, because for us young people’s rights are precious. We desire to launch a message to the whole of Italy because Campania Region works to give a chance to find a path to those who do not have it. With the activities that we offer we tend to give this opportunity”.

The collaboration between Giffoni and the Government institutions becomes more and more close. Particularly with the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Staff. During the days of the event, there will be information spaces directly managed by the institutions with laboratories, awareness campaigns, promotional activities. Ample space will be dedicated to the military corps’ bands and fanfare, that will cheer Giffoni with suggestive concerts at the Giardino degli Aranci. The event will start on July 20, opening day, with the FANFARE ON HORSEBACK OF THE NATIONAL POLICE. To follow, during the days of the Festival, there will be the MUSIC BAND OF THE ITALIAN ARMY (July 24), the SOUTH MARINE DEPARTMENTAL FANFARE OF THE MILITARY MARINE(July 25), the FANFARE OF THE EIGHT BERSAGLIERI REGIMENT (July 29), the MUSIC BAND OF THE FINANCE POLICE.

This year, Giffoni has chosen to reserve a special place for all the Festival’s friends. The Giardino degli Aranci, will host a series of events free and open to the public. It will start on July 20 at 8 p.m. with the exhibition of the students of the Conservatory of Music Domanico Cimarosa of Avellino. The rhythm-symphonic orchestra, the polyphonic choir and the soloists of the laboratory “Produzione di spettacoli musicali per l’infanzia” (Production of music shows for infancy), directed by Maestro Alessandro Crosta, will be the protagonists of the show “Il musichiere dei piccoli 2 in forma di concerto”. On July 21, there will be an event with the Sonora Junior Sax, an orchestra composed of boys and girls from 9 to 23 years, that includes over seventy young saxophonists and a group of young tutors, already expert concert performers, that will accompany them on a repertoire able to range from classical to popular songs. On July 26 at 9 p.m., will hold an encounter dedicated to former Pollica mayor Angelo Vassallo, attended by his brother, Dario, president of the Angello Vassallo Foundation. Songwriter Giancarlo Di Muoio, author of a song dedicated to the fisherman mayor, will sing along with the choir “Mille voci” of the Angelo Vassallo Institute of Racale (Lecce). On July 27 at 8 p.m., there will be a dance happening, entitled Le sorelle, in which five professional dancers, ordinary men and women, along with some users of the Centro per la Cura e la Ricerca sui Disturbi dell’Alimentazione (Center for Care and Research on Eating Disorders) of the Local Health Unit in Lecce, will tell their emancipation. At 9 p.m., it will be up to Corepla, that will return the day after with a show entitled “Magicamente plastica”. An exciting magic experience between magic tricks and surprising illusions to make young people aware of the topic of recycling. On July 28 at 8 p.m., there will be the moment of the Green Storytellers with a live event. “Come ti salvo il Pianeta”. The TV series, broadcast on Infinity, is accompanied by a show event that has now collected many replicas throughout Italy. The show is composed of five modular stories, each of which – in a comic and funny way – pushes the spectator to reflect on environmental issues, with an eye on everyday life.

Giffoni will once again become the hub of innovation with Giffoni Next Generation, organized by Giffoni Innovation Hub. A mix of workshops and seminars aimed at informing and raising awareness of digital culture and the creative industry among the younger generation. Among the most relevant formats are the Innovation Talks, intended for the young people of the Giffoni IMPACT! and Dream TeamInnovators, who will be able to confront the participating companies through challenges under the banner of technological innovation, keeping in mind the skills required by the job market and their talents. There will be 30 selected Dreamers, belonging to GenZ, who will take part in workshops and mentorship to explore topics such as sustainability, gaming, content industry, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality. There will also be in-depth moments through the panel curated by MIA – Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo, the panel OBE – Branded Entertainment Observatory and a panel entirely dedicated to music.  To close the event, on July 29, an important Summit focused on the issues of innovation in the world of audiovisual productions and entertainment composed of three panels useful to analyze the opportunities offered by the market, financial development and communication challenges, all in the presence of national and international CEOs.

IMPATTO GIOVANI is the new project co-funded by the Department of Youth Policy and General Public Service. Eight sessions, held as part of the Giffoni Impact! programme, will address topics of great interest to the world of young people. Each day is dedicated to a specific topic considered a priority for those who, like the young people present at Giffoni, are in a phase of training, orientation and personal formation. The topics range from combating alcohol abuse and drunk driving to helping young people overcome mental health problems, from combating obesity and promoting sports participation to orienting them towards work, education and the future, from the culture of legality to European opportunities for young people, from Universal Civil Service and the Neet phenomenon to creative work and business creation. In addition, the project will produce two audiovisual products: a video report on all the activities that will take place during the festival and a video “IMPATTO GIOVANI LIVE DOC – ESPERIENCES A CONFRONTO” that will tell the issues addressed from the point of view of young people, using a modern, dynamic and captivating documentary style with the approach of self-narration. The presentation of the project is scheduled for July 20 in the presence of CLAUDIO GUBITOSI, the founder of Giffoni, ROSARIA GIANNELLA, the Director General of the Office of Youth Policy, and ADRIANO SCALETTA, the Project Manager of the Office of Youth Policy. As part of the project, meetings are scheduled with Dr. GIULIO CORRIVETTI, Director of the Mental Health Department of Salerno Asl (July 21), with the VALDISERRIfamily (July 22), the parents of young Francesco Valdiserri, who died in a tragic car accident caused by a driver who later tested positive for alcohol, with FEDERICA CELESTINI CAMPANARI, the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Italian Youth Agency, who will talk about European opportunities for young people, and with ANDREA COLUCCIA, the project officer of Europa Creativa-Antenna Italia. On July 28, there will be a meeting with MICHELE SCISCIOLI, the head of the Department of Youth Policy and General Public Service.

#Giffoni53 will be an opportunity to carry out activities that are part of the Special Projectspromoted by the Autonomous Body Giffoni Experience with state institutions, local authorities, associations and third sector actors that take place throughout the year and are dedicated to current issues, such as the fight against school dropout and educational poverty, cultural promotion, vocational guidance, training and enrichment of the school offer. Below are the projects to take place during the 2023 edition of the Giffoni Film Festival.

Sedici Modi di Dire Ciao (Sixteen Ways to Say Hello) was selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini within the framework of the Fund for Combating Educational Poverty among Children. Five regions are involved: Campania(Eboli and Giffoni Valle Piana), Calabria(Cittanova), Basilicata (Terranova di Pollino), Sardinia (Nuoro) and Veneto (San Donà di Piave). One of the Campus will take place during the festival as one of the main actions of the project. Young people from all the participating regions will be present.

The project SAFER INTERNET CENTRE – GENERAZIONI CONNESSE is co-funded by the European Commission under the Digital Europe programme. The project is coordinated by MIM, in collaboration with some of the main Italian institutions dealing with online safety. During #Giffoni53, the Youth Panel coordinated by Giffoni will be present, composed of about fifty young people who, as in previous months, will carry out training activities to raise young people’s awareness on the topic of developing a conscious digital identity. The young people will have the opportunity to meet representatives from Meta, Google and Tik Tok, with whom they will discuss the delicate issue of digital security.

As part of #Giffoni53, FAMI VILLAGE is set up with a punctual and in-depth information and awareness activity on the Refuge, Migration and Integration Fund, managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the aim of promoting an integrated management of migration flows by supporting all aspects of the phenomenon: Refuge, Integration and Repatriation. The authority responsible for the Fund is the Civil Liberties and Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition to promoting the activities of the Fund, three workshops will be held during the festival on music, creative writing and theatre.

HYPING is a project to combat educational poverty and school dropout in the framework of the PNRR (Mission 5 – Component 3 – Investment 3) Socio-educational interventions to combat educational poverty in Southern Italy in support of the Third Sector funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU through the Agency for Territorial Cohesion. The project is led by Cooperativa Sociale Insieme from Salerno and enjoys a broad partnership that includes Giffoni. Some of the Hyping Free Campus activities in Salerno will take place during the festival.

During the festival, the project IN YOUTH WE TRUST will be presented, based on the PNRR (Mission 5 – Component 3 – Investment 3) Structured socio-educational interventions to combat educational poverty in Southern Italy in support of the Third Sector – funded by the European UnionNextGenerationEU through the Agency for Territorial Cohesion. The project foresees the creation of a service center in the city of Sassari, aimed at testing new models of social, educational and socio-educational interventions to promote the inclusion of minors in their environment, supporting real, individual and community change. The lead partner is Nuovi Scenari, a social enterprise based in Nuoro. Gifoni is one of the partners of the initiative.

The project, implemented in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the Campania Region and financed by the FEAMP, aims to educate young people to a culture of healthy eating through the rediscovery of the Mediterranean diet, excellent agricultural food and fish resources. On July 26, the Giornata sulla corretta alimentazione (a day on healthy eating) will be held in the presence of the Campania Regional Agricultural Commissioner, NICOLA CAPUTO. An interesting show cooking with the participation of students and teachers of the Istituto Alberghiero di Salerno will complete the activities.

The Carta Giovani Nazionale (National Youth Card) is an initiative promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Youth Policy and General Public Service – aimed at Italian and European citizens residing in Italy between the ages of 18 and 35. During the festival there will be activities to promote the Card, especially through the use of social media, with the aim of spreading this tool that is proving to be more and more useful for young people between 18 and 35 years.

During #Giffoni53, in the presence of the Extraordinary Commissioner Federica Celestini Campanari, an important Memorandum of Understanding is signed between the Agenzia Italiana per la Gioventù (Italian Youth Agency) and the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience (autonomous body Giffoni Experience). The aim is to create an ever stronger and constructive synergy.

Under the auspices of MIC and MIM, Giffoni is at the forefront of the realisation of projects that promote the protagonism of students in collaboration with educational institutions. During the festival will be presented the audiovisual products realised during the itinerant festival School Experience and during the various projects that Giffoni has carried out in collaboration with numerous school institutions.

Project realised with the contribution of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Struttura di missione per la valorizzazione degli anniversari nazionali e della dimensione partecipativa delle nuove generazioni. The project includes projections, exhibitions, book presentations and lectures – in collaboration with the Campania Libri Festival and the Associazione Tempi Moderni-e spettacolo with the aim of exploring the artistic production of one of the most influential voices of the Italian 20th century.

The Giffoni Manifesto on energy efficiency and ecological transition will be presented. In addition, an important project for the digitization of Giffoni’s cultural heritage, funded by the MIC, will be presented during the festival.

An important awareness campaign on the rights of LGBT+ people, carried out together with the association IKen, will start from #Giffoni53.

A very special date will be July 25, when FuturoPresente: Short Films from the Netherlands will arrive in Giffoni. This is an initiative of the Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy and four major Dutch cultural institutions (Performing Arts Fund NL, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Dutch Fund for Cultural Participation, SeeNL) whose aim is to present to the Italian public the best of Dutch artistic production for children and young people, to network actors and experiences in the two countries and to contribute to a more inclusive vision of culture.

Enriching the festival’s offer of films in competition will be a series of animated shorts dedicated to Elements +3, which will be accompanied by directors and distributors called upon to tell the youngest jurors the behind-the-scenes story of their work. A valuable synergy in line with the spirit of Giffoni, which has always opened its doors wide to quality Dutch cinema. On the one hand, the title of the project wants to emphasise that the new generations do not only represent ‘the future’: their point of view on the world must be heard in the present, of which they are fully-fledged citizens. On the other hand, it draws attention to urgent issues, which are at the centre of many of the works in the programme, whereby today’s actions will have a decisive impact on tomorrow.

The format started last year and dedicated to the promotion of proper nutrition, the valorisation of local excellence and, above all, raising awareness against food waste is confirmed. The Giffoni Food Show, now in its second edition and aimed at children, parents and the general public, will include a series of meetings with professionals from the world of food and will be held on the terrace of the citadel of cinema every afternoon from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. for the entire 10-day event. There will be over 30 protagonists including chefs, food creators, master pizza makers and expert pastry chefs for moments of food education and cooking performances, also offering final tastings of their delicacies. Recounting the days, thanks to a renewed media partnership, will be Giallozafferano, the Mondadori Group’s leading food media brand in Italy, which will be present with creations and historical faces to share all the activities taking place on its social profiles. Hosting the cooking shows from 20 to 23 July will be Giovanni Castaldi, from 24 to 26 July Aurora Cortopassi, and from 27 to 29 July Manuel Saraceno. Many other guests powered by Giallozafferano. Among the various: Daniele Rossi, Diletta Secco, Le ricette di Gessica, Rossella Maraio, Eva Andrini, Andriana Kulchytska. Creators and Chefs will fill the program including Giusi Battaglia, Mister Mario, La Cucina di Fabiuccio, I Fornelli di Max, CastalFood. Plus, master pizza makers such as Angioletto Tramontano and Valentino Tafuri. July 22 will be devoted entirely to the final of a contest for amateur pastry chefs held in collaboration with InCibum, a school of high gastronomic training, which will feature party chef and now TV talent Tommaso Foglia as jury president. The program, already full of appointments, will not exclude new subsequent announcements to make even more interesting a format that at Giffoni has already given so much involvement from the public. Also continuing is the collaboration with the TerraortiFruit and Vegetable Consortium, which, in addition to the supply of fresh produce, will sign a series of scheduled meetings. New entries as partners in this edition’s format will be Pasta Di Martino, which for three generations has been bringing Gragnano Pasta made with 100 percent Italian wheat to the world’s tables. And Molini Pizzuti, a company that has been selecting, studying and producing the highest quality flours and blends since 1953.

Through the official website, www.giffonifilmfestival.it it will be possible to consult the program and learn about the activities, read news, book previews and special events. While live streaming will tell the meetings on the official channel www.giffonilive.it

The collaboration with Mediaset, which closely follows all Giffoni activities, is reconfirmed. Punctual will be the information during all editions of the various TGs of the group, with live TV links and continuous updates on the sites and dedicated social channels. In addition, even at the end of this edition, Channel 5 will air a special in the second night that will recount all the emotions of #Giffoni53. In addition, Italia 1, will dedicate an edition of Studio Aperto’s Magentirely related to our festival.

The great collaboration between Giffoni and Rai Partnerships is renewed. During the event, several initiatives are planned within the 53rd edition of the festival starring the Rai world. It starts with great cinema, with the special event related to “Noi siamo Leggenda“, the new fantasy-tinged teen drama centered on the stories of a group of teenagers who suddenly discover that they are endowed with superpowers with in the main cast Emanuele Di Stefano, Claudia Pandolfi, Antonia Liskova, Nicolas Maupas, Giacomo Giorgio, Beatrice Vendramin, Giulio Pranno, Margherita Aresti, Valentina Romani, and Lino Guanciale. Next July 28 the series, a Rai Fiction – Fabula Pictures co-production, produced by Nicola and Marco De Angelis in collaboration with Prime Video, will be presented to jurors with the participation of Emanuele Di Stefano, Giulia Lin, Milo Roussel and Sofya Gershevich. Great space will also be given to social projects that are inextricably linked with both realities. The youngsters of the Generator +16 section will take part in “Words that #disturb,” an initiative promoted by the Department of History Anthropology Religions Performing Arts of Sapienza University of Rome, in collaboration with the Department of Child Neuropsychiatry of Policlinico Umberto Iand the support of Rai Direzione Per la Sostenibilità – ESG, questioning the words that define psychiatric disorders at the diagnostic level and that are very often used in common language as a form of hate speech among the youngest. Learn how to recognize fake or distorted news and dismantle the mechanism by which fake news spreads. Rai and Giffoni renew their commitment to spreading a culture of information on July 26with “Fake news: instructions for use. The Role of Media Literacy in the Fight against Misinformation“, with the meeting scheduled in the Workshop +18 section in the presence of Francesco Giorgino, director of the Research Department. Finally, the 60th anniversary of the Rai Production Center of Naples, which has always been at the forefront in chronicling the birth, evolution and many Giffoni-branded events, will be celebrated. In the Conference Room, Giffoni’s creator and founder Claudio Gubitosiand the director of the Rai Production Center of Naples Antonio Parlati will celebrate this important milestone together and sign a memorandum of understanding to continue to tell together the many projects in the pipeline.

Sky will cover the festival with news and live coverage on Sky Tg24 and Sky Cinema the entire duration of the event with extensive information.

It will be possible to follow the festival every day, from July 21 to 30, thanks to LIRA Tv. Live broadcasts will be aired in the morning and from 3 p.m. on Digital Terrestrial Channel 18 in the Campania region and streamed on https://www.liratv.it/it/streaming

Radio 105 is confirmed again for this edition as the radio partner of the Giffoni Film Festival. The broadcaster will be present at the Festival with its speaker Rebecca Staffelli who will broadcast daily from the Multimedia Valley to tell the event through the voices of the protagonists in 105 Night Express and will take the stage at Giffoni Music Concept to present all the artists in the line up. The Festival will also live through Radio 105’s digital and social channels.

Born from the integration of Asca and TMNews to create a new information hub, askanews is one of Italy’s leading agencies, recognizable for completeness and timeliness in providing constantly updated multimedia information in text, photo and video format usable on different devices. It will report on the festival with video news and in-depth reports at https://askanews.it/

With inexhaustible curiosity and commitment, Movieplayer has been dedicated to exploring the world of cinema and TV series for years: space for information, reviews, in-depth analysis, and analysis, but also and above all fun and passion. At Giffoni, it will report on the festival with focus and interviews, live Twitch daily broadcasts, as well as a panel dedicated to Movie Meta Trade, the talk-show set in Movieplayer’s metaverse, produced in collaboration with Anica’s Italian Union of Digital Editors & Creators and Eldorado Agency.

BadTaste.it was born in 2004 as a film information site and quickly became a reference point in Italy for news, in-depth analysis and reviews of the most anticipated films, also making a name for itself abroad for scoops and previews of international films. Over the years, the editorial offer has been expanded to television, video games and comics, sections whose strengths are authority, rigor, credibility and great attention to content. Always on the mark with the latest news and previews, the site offers commentary and current affairs columns, as well as thematic spaces completely dedicated to national and international events, from major festivals to industry conventions, with embedded correspondents engaged in minute-by-minute live coverage.

Today is a national online newspaper registered in 2017 and published by Citynews Group. Its registered office is in Naples and its management is Rome. In addition to Today, Citynews publishes 50 local editions, one dedicated to agribusiness and one dedicated to the European market.

Cinecittà News, Cinecittà’s online newspaper that chronicles cinema in all its forms, is Media Partner of the Giffoni Film Festival 2023. A magazine that every day dedicates space to the genres most sought after by younger audiences while giving voice to emerging audiovisual talents. Finding synergies with an event as unique in the world as the Giffoni Film Festival that welcomes over 6500 young people from 30 nations is a natural choice, marking the beginning of a collaboration.

Activities continue between Giffoni and its partners who decide to invest in a project, in an event that has been supporting the ambitions and dreams of new generations for over fifty years. Confirmed also this year the presence of Lete, the official water of Giffoni will carry out the second edition of the project “Lete brings sport to Giffoni,” together with F.I.G.C., Federazione Italiana Scherma and FIJLKAM the #giffoners will be able to play different sports activities, supported by federal masters. The Lete Special Award will also be given for the second year to the best film that deals with the theme of sports as a moment of social and cultural growth. Also renewing its support to Giffoni is Acea with its social message of sustainability and protection of water resources, with a series of moments planned in the Impact section and two more meetings in the Parental Experience section on the themes of land and water resource protection. Also renewed is the second edition of the ACEA Special Award, an award for the best film in competition on the theme of sustainability and water resources. Many activities in the energy field for this edition of #Giffoni53 with different realities and multinationals. A new entry for Siram – Veolia, the French multinational that deals with energy efficiency in the Public Administration, which will present its projects in the Impact section, with a speech by Emanuela Trentin (Ceo Veolia) and will also involve the Giffoni Dream Team in the creation of a communication campaign. Eni also returns with workshops dedicated to electric mobility and outdoor games for the entire Festival audience. Closing Mitsubishi Electric, in its first year of collaboration, the company specializing in energy efficiency and air conditioning, in industrial and domestic settings, will present its projects on the theme of energy sustainability at Giffoni. For Conai, Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi, it is a return with its usual message of promoting separate waste collection and environmental protection. The Festival’s Main Sponsor, will present a special award depicting a phoenix to reinforce the concept that wealth comes from recovery. Anas, a company of the “Italian Railways” group, in its second year of presence at Giffoni and committed to major road safety campaigns, will also be present at Giffoni first in the Impact section to present the winners of the music contest on road safety as part of the “Drive and Enough” campaign and then in the Parental Experience section to raise awareness on the issue of safety and road accidents. Again, Aci and its karting activities in the square and two special events: an Impact meeting with the Ferrari team that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, composed of Alessandro Pier Guidi, Lilou Wadoux, Antonio Fuoco and Antonio Coletta, and a meeting in the Next Generation section with Andrea Toso, general manager of Dallara, a world leader in the automotive sector. Clear Channel, a company specializing in outdoor advertising, which has been supporting Giffoni for more than three years, could certainly not miss out once again, conveying the campaign to launch the event on its digital installations throughout the country. For the third consecutive year, it will present a special award to the film in competition that best expresses the concepts of innovation and creativity. New entry, on the other hand, for Andrea Bocelli Foundation, the prestigious philanthropic body founded by Maestro Bocelli, for the first time at Giffoni with art, music and digital workshops. BPER Banca, the bank that has supported Giffoni for more than a decade, will instead be present this year to promote its financial education projects dedicated to children and will award a special prize to the film in competition that best deals with the theme of realizing an entrepreneurial dream. Also in the area of finance and insurance, Sara Assicurazionienters for the first time, which will culminate in a meeting, in the Next Generation section, with a pitch by General Manager Alberto Tosti on the role of insurance in the social and legal system. Comix, with Italy’s most beloved school agenda for kids, returns again this year, with fantastic activities and “Meet and Greet” with guests ready for the usual copy signing of the brand new Comix inside the Citadel. A partnership that has lasted for three years, founded on the concept of network and support of the territory is the one with Gruppo Noviello, a Salerno-based company in the automotive sector, which will provide the Festival with the cars on which the guests will travel. TerraOrti, Giffoni’s historical partner, returns again this year with many activities: food education workshops and promotion of local products, talks by experts in the fruit and vegetable sector from Campania as part of the Giffoni Food Show and, finally, the presence of nutrition experts as part of the Giffoni Food Talk-Mediterranean Experience project. Fotoema, now a long-standing partner, is confirmed again this year to support the event as Main Technical Partner for video and photographic equipment. Sanofi, the health company will present at Giffoni the documentary film “Beyond the Sea,” which shines a spotlight on a sensitive issue such as lung cancer made together with WALCE Onlus – Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe and RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The screening will feature the young people of the Impact section and Fulvia Filippini (Public Affairs Country Head Sanofi), Stefania Vallone (Secretariat and International Relations Walce Onlus) and Giusy Alfieri (director of the RUFA team) will speak in the hall for a discussion with them.” Zuiki, the important clothing brand, for the third year in a row, has made the fantastic T-shirts for the jurors, will also be present at Giffoni with a booth, inside which it will involve the children in creative and fun photobombing activities.

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