#Giffoni53: Talents

From 20 to 29 July, the jurors will find themselves face to face with some of the most important and talented names of cinema and entertainment industry. On Thursday, July 20, writer and poet ERRI DE LUCA will come back to #Giffoni53 to celebrate and tell the image that he has conceived for the Festival. VANESSA SCALERA will be for the first time at Giffoni: her Imma Tataranni – sostituto procuratore is the successful series that introduced her to the general public: intense and versatile actress, her interpretation of Filumena Martorano, directed by Francesco Amato, earned her the Nastro d’Argento Award for Best TV Film 2023. And more, the energy of DIANA DEL BUFALO, chameleonic and irreverent, fresh from the great success of the tour of 7 Spose per 7 fratelli, musical directed by Luciano Cannito, with musical direction by Beppe Vessicchio. On Friday, Juy 21, CATERINA GUZZANTI will answer questions from the jurors: trivia and smiles to create a unique event that will focus on some of her cult interpretations: from Boris to Tutta la vita davanti, as well as Oggi sposi, Nessuno mi può giudicare, Ogni maledetto Natale e Confusi e felici. Just these days, we see her on screen with Cattiva coscienza and Noi anni luce, in preview at Giffoni. On Saturday, July 22, the passion of MASSIMILIANO GALLO will be the beating heart of a meeting full of emotions and insights: constantly in balance between theatre and cinema, because acting is a reason to live for the actor, he is fresh from the amazing success of Vincenzo Malinconico, avvocato d’insuccesso. Beloved by the general public, Gallo is one of the most appreciated actors of the Rai series, such as I bastardi di Pizzofalcone, Imma Tataranni – sostituto procuratore and Filumena Marturano. There is also GIOVANNA SANNINO, who has made cinema and acting a mantra: the character of Carmela, in Mare Fuori, is one of the most beloved and passionate, a young Neapolitan mother who had to grow up too fast between pain and loneliness. LUCIANO SPINELLI (powered by COMIX), is the voice of Pugsley in the animated film La Famiglia Addams and one of the most followed TikTokers, selected by Forbes as one of the 100 most influential Italian under 30. On Sunday, July 23, the giffoners will meet GIACOMO GIORGIO: grew up on bread and theatre, he’s now one of the most interesting and beloved artists. After interpreting Ciro in the series Mare Fuori, he played an important role in the film Diabolik – Ginko all’attacco and soon we will see him in cinemas with Diabolik chi sei?, also directed by Manetti Bros. young MARIO DI LEVA, is one of the most promising faces of the big and small screen: he is many jurors’ age and his debut came when he was only 8 years old, alongside his father, actor Francesco di Leva, in the film Il sindaco del Rione Sanità, by Mario Martone. He achieved success and popularity interpreting Diego in Resta con me, that earned him the Nuovo IMAIE Award at the Nastri d’Argento. With DANIELE DAVÌ (powered by COMIX), the jurors will examine the TikTok phenomenon with irony and originality: his social page has more than 2 million followers, cinema and acting are his greatest passions. Among the most intense directors and screenwriters, there is MARIO MARTONE, who will be at Giffoni on July 24: he will talk about himself to the jurors, with the passion that distinguishes him. His film Nostalgia, shortlisted for an Oscar to represent Italy, has conquered the audience and earned him the Nastro d’Argento for Best Director and Screenplay. A refined and sublime work, for a delicate and touching artwork. With Laggiù qualcuno mi ama, Martone celebrates poetry and the strength of Massimo Troisi, sixty years after his birth: a documentary that tends to be a dedication to the artist, a gift filled with life and love. ARTEM, beloved for the role of Pino in Mare Fuori, appears for the first time on the big screen with La paranza dei bambini by Claudio Giovannesi. In 2022, he is in the film Nostalgia, by Mario Martone, alongside Pierfrancesco Favino. LUCREZIA GUIDONE, who interprets Sofia, the intense and bossy educator of Mare Fuori, will talk about her career to the jurors, between cinema, theatre and passion. On Tuesday, July 25, the icon of comedy ANTONIO ALBANESE will turn Giffoni into the place where auteur cinema finds its home: from Qualunquemente to La seconda note di nozze, as well as L’abbiamo fatta grossa, Come un gatto in tangenziale and Grazie Ragazzi. One success after another, for an event between cinema, theatre and smiles. Passionate, astonishing and intense, SIMONA TABASCO, one of the most talented and beloved actresses, will bring Giffoni her inebriating simplicity. She is at home in Giffoni, that is and will remain a place of the heart to come back to rejuvenate and get excited. She will meet the jurors on July 25. Her story is marked by dreams and great desires: a special event for the jurors that will be able to meet one of the most charismatic faces of cinema. The sublime interpretation of Tea in Perez, her cinematographic debut directed by Edoardo De Angelis, will convince the audience and critics. She’s also beloved by the international audience thanks to the successful series The White Lotus. The great success comes with the hit Rai series Doc – Nelle tue mani and I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone. Great return for FRANCESCO ARCA, fresh from the success of the Rai fiction Resta con me, in which he masterfully plays the role of an Assistant Commissioner moved by torment, fragility, passion and charism. His career is an escalation of dedication and successes in various fictions and films, such as Allacciate le cinture by Ferzan Ozpetek and the upcoming film HOTSPOT – Amore senza rete by Giulio Manfredonia. He will talk about himself with simplicity and passion, giving himself to the jurors with total freedom. Award-winning director ENZO D’ALÒ comes back to the Festival. Along with author and animator MARCO ZANONI, they will meet the jurors and show them a precious and unpublished sequence of the long-awaited animated feature film MARY E LO SPIRITO DI MEZZANOTTE, with the support of Campania Region and Campania Region Film Commission. The sequence has been created thanks to an interesting and suggestive technique that simulates the effect of drawings on paper, inspired by the production drafts of illustrator Peter De Seve (Ice Age, Finding Nemo), author of the film’s characters. On Thursday, July 27, MATTEO PAOLILLO, Salernitan pride who has been able to make himself known and beloved, comes back home. Intense and versatile, passionate and emotional, he is, thanks to the role of Edoardo, one of the most beloved characters of Mare Fuori, the series that earned him great success and left him free to express his love for music. He is the one who sings the theme song that went Platinum: for the jurors there will be a party, between cinema and music, an event full of emotions and rhythm. Determined look, lit up by her love for theatre and the stage lights where, when she was a child, she started to build the dream of being an actress. LAURA ADRIANI, one of the most beloved faces of TV series and cinema, fresh from the success of Resta con me, will be at the Giffoni Film Festival on Juy 27. She was one of the protagonists of Tutta colpa di Freud, but she also interpreted Ginevra in the Sky TV series A casa tutti bene. On Friday, July 28, after the success of Skam Italia, FEDERICO CESARI will greet the jurors: he is the protagonist of Tutto chiede salvezza, directed by Francesco Bruni. A sublime, intense and moving interpretation, able to get to the heart of the general public. On Saturday, July 29, PILAR FOGLIATI will illuminate Giffoni: with her simple and unique look, her career starts in theatres, between emotions and experiments. She debuts on the big screen as the protagonist of Fausto Brizzi’s film Forever Young; then, she becomes one of the most beloved faces of various Rai productions such as Non dirlo al mio capo, Un passo dal cielo and Cuori. In December she was the protagonist of the Netflix series Odio il Natale and, in spring, she made her directorial debut with Romantiche, a film in which she also interprets the four female protagonists.

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