#Giffoni53: the guests of the Impact section!

Participants will be able to meet openly and on an equal footing with personalities from the worlds of politics, institutions, culture, social work, science, and with Ceo’s of companies of national and international importance. The meetings will be held at the Blue Room – Youth Impact, named after the project implemented in collaboration with the Department of Youth Policy and Universal Civil Service. The program is packed with numerous meetings with protagonists of culture, journalism, sports, art and professions. OnJuly 20 it is the turn of the DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND STATISTICAL SCIENCESof the University of Salerno. Participants will include SERGIO DESTEFANIS, Professor of Political Economy and Director of DISES; GIANLUIGI COPPOLA, Professor of Political Economy; FRANCESCO CIARDIELLO, Professor of Mathematical Methods of Economics and Actuarial and Financial Sciences; and MARISA FAGGINI, Professor of Economic Policy. Next, it will be the turn of writer ERRI DE LUCA, with him will be producer PAOLA PORRINI BISSON.

And again ANGELINA MANGO, winner of the last edition of Amici in the Singing category and musical revelation of the year, already a Gold Record with the single “Ci pensiamo domani” and starting in October with the “Voglia di vivere tour” in clubs. On the same day, an appointment with the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS for which CRESCENZO TORTORA and GIULIANA RUSSANO, astrophysicists and researchers at the Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory in Naples, will participate. The importance of a vital choice such as organ donation: this is the theme of the meeting with ROBERTA BORRELLI, coreferent of the SALERNO ASL’S FRIENDLY TRAPIANTS SPORTELLO. And again LUCA RAGO, who grew up right among the armchairs of IMPACT!, originally from Giffoni Sei Casali, is carrying out an important scientific mission for the 38th Italian expedition to Antarctica as a chemist and glaciologist at Concordia Station.

This will be followed by GAIA PULLIERO, another star of last years’ Impact!, a very young screenwriter, director and producer. A meeting with ANTONIO CABRINI, world champion with the Italian national team in 1982, coach and entrepreneur in the padel world, is scheduled for July 21. And again ZW Jackson, youtuber and tiktoker about the world of soccer with 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Sociologist DOMENICO DE MASI returns to Giffoni, an appointment that is one of the cornerstones of the activities of Impact! This will be followed by a discussion with ROBERTO FICO, former president of the Chamber of Deputies. On July 22 a meeting is scheduled with JOSI DELLA RAGIONE, mayor of Bacoli; RAIMONDO AMBROSINO, mayor of Procida; FRANCESCO DEL DEO, former mayor of Forio d’Ischia; and Professor ALDO BERLINGUER, professor of comparative law at the University of Cagliari and president of Eurispes’ observatory on insularity. This will be followed by journalist GIANCARLO LOQUENZI, host of the program Zapping on Radio 1. A meeting with MIRKO CAZZATO, the 21-year-old Lecce student founder of Mabasta-Movimento Anti Bullying Animato da Studenti Adolescenti, the only Italian and European in the Top 10 of the Global Student Prize, is expected.

On July 23 it will be the turn of young ALICE LECCIOLI, who has become a testimonial for research thanks to a report by Le Iene; she has suffered from spastic diparesis since birth and received an exoskeleton from an anonymous donor that has enabled her to stand up for the first time. Also on July 23, COSTANTINO DELLA GHERARDESCA, spearhead of the new Italian television and host of Beijing Express and 4 Weddings, is expected to participate. Scheduled, then, is a meeting with young people PEDRO MARI, DIEGO DATI, CARLO LOFFREDO and BENEDETTA PARAVIA, four young people from Salerno who have distinguished themselves in the world of professions and creativity abroad, the story of four ascents made of commitment and the ability to dream. Among the headliners on July 24 is ERMAL META, among Italy’s most popular singer-songwriters, winner of the Sanremo festival in 2018, and now also a successful author with the novel “Tomorrow and Forever.” And again actor and voice actor FRANCESCO PANNOFINO, unforgettable René Ferretti from Boris. For July 25, meeting with PIER LUGI BERSANI, several times minister and former national secretary of the Democratic Party.

Highly anticipated ROSA CHEMICAL, among the most prominent personalities on the Italian music scene, fresh from her great success with Made in Italy at the last Sanremo Festival. Intense promises to be the meeting scheduled for July 26 with the athletes of the Italian Army’s NATIONAL PARALYMPIC TEAM. They will bring to Giffoni their experiences, fatigue and emotions of their personal and sports events. GIANFRANCO PAGLIA, captain of the Defense Paralympic team, ROBERTO PUNZO, archery and Para-Badminton champion, is the pioneer of Paralympic activity in Italy, and ANTONIO AURICCHIO, Italian Paralympic swimming champion in the 50-meter freestyle, will be present. Confirming the collaborative relationship now activated for years with the Defense General Staff was the participation of the Under Chief of Defense Staff, General CARMINE MASIELLO.

On the same day, space will be given to the third sector with STEFANO CONSIGLIO, newly appointed president of the Foundation with the South, and by MARCO ROSSI DORIA, president of the social enterprise Con i Bambini. The film “The Treasure of the South” will be presented. The Campania Regional Councilor for Vocational Training, ARMIDA FILIPPELLI, will be present. The following day, July 27, a meeting with AGENZIA SPAZIALE ITALIANA, which will bring its input on Italian aerospace policy. MARIA VIRELLI will be present in Giffoni. Highly anticipated discussion with JOE BASTIANICH, restaurateur and entrepreneur, the face of entertainment food. Space will be given to Italian talent envied worldwide with MASSIMO LUCIDI, founder of the Washington DC Italian Excellence Award, andGUIDO PUTIGNANO, a Biomedical Engineering student who has distinguished himself for foresight as the most influential young man on research targeting Precision Medicine.

On July 28, appointment with GIOVANNI LEGNINI, commissioner for reconstruction in Ischia. Followed by a meeting with writer MASSIMO BISOTTI, Mondadori author of successful novels such as the long seller “The Blue Moon,” and The “Never Painted Picture,” “A Year for a Day” that have become bestsellers. Also with him is the successful Instagram account LibriSottolineati. Energy and liveliness with MERK & KREMONT, internationally renowned DJs and producers, after the international success of Hands Up they have recently released their first single in Italian with Tananai and Marracash, “Un altro mondo”.Sanofi, the health company will present at Giffoni the documentary film “Beyond the Sea” that puts the spotlight on a sensitive issue such as lung cancer made together with WALCE Onlus – Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe and RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The screening will feature the young people of the Impact section and FULVIA FILIPPINI (Public Affairs Country Head Sanofi), STEFANIA VALLONE(Secretariat and International Relations Walce Onlus) and GIUSY ALFIERI (RUFA team director) will speak in the hall for a discussion with them.”

For the last day of the festival, July 29, new meeting with The Kolors, undisputed stars of the summer with Italodisco at the top of all the Italian charts, just entered the charts in Germany and Poland as well. And again the DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND STATISTICAL SCIENCES of the University of Salerno. ADALGISO AMENDOLA, Lecturer in Political Economy, LUIGI SENATORE, Lecturer in Economic Policy, and LUIGI ALDIERI, Lecturer in Economic Policy, will speak. Then, gender-based violence and the actions put in place to combat it will be discussed with the Commander of the Persecutory Acts Section of the Criminological Analysis Department – Carabinieri Scientific Investigations Grouping, MARIA ANTONIA SECCONI and psychotherapist SANDRA PAGLIUCA, author of the book from which the short film “Per averci creduto” is taken, with great social, human and cultural value. Senator ANNA BILOTTI, a member of the Extraordinary Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, will also speak. Then GUIDO MARIA BRERA, a life in high finance and then a thunderbolt for literature so much so that he became the author of best sellers set in the world of economics. And, again, ERMETE REALACCI, honorary president of Legambiente and founder of Symbola. Finally, the meeting with LUCA BAIONE, Brigadier General of the Air Force and permanent representative of Italy in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), for an in-depth discussion on climate change.

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