#Giffoni53: the workshops

The workshops dedicated to giffoniers aged 18 to 30 are the perfect time to understand the importance of listening, sharing, curiosity and knowledge. Many appointments are planned in the 53rd edition of the Festival scheduled from July 20 to 29: lectures, Q&As and conversations about cinema, meetings with artists and audiovisual professionals to delve into directing, writing, acting and numerous other creative and technical aspects of the language of cinema and beyond. On Thursday, July 20, Giffoni students will meet director and screenwriter ANDREA MOLAIOLI, an event in collaboration with ANICA, to delve into some of the more hidden aspects of his art: his first feature film, La ragazza del lago, immediately won him the David di Donatello for best director, winning seven others in various categories.

On Friday, July 21, the Giffoners will meet FRANCESCO DE CORE, journalist and editor of Il Mattino newspaper. On July 22, it will instead be the turn of an intense TOMMASO RAGNO to tell the jurors about himself, a versatile and multifaceted actor, fresh from the great success of Mario Martone’s Nostalgia, which won him the Nastro d’Argento as best supporting actor. And, again, cinematographer and director CARLO RINALDI. Space will also be given to Movie Meta Trade, the talk-show set in Movieplayer’s metaverse, produced in collaboration with Anica’s Italian Union of Digital Editors & Creators and Eldorado Agency. On July 23, director SYDNEY SIBILIA returns to the Festival after the success of Mixed by Erry, the extraordinary film that tells the story of music piracy, the dream of three passionate young people, cassette tapes and that first rebellious challenge to the big record labels capable of revolutionizing the way music and catchphrases are enjoyed.

With cinematographer FRANCESCA AMITRANO, a journey through images and scenes to tell the story of one of the most important roles in filmmaking. And, on the same day it’s PAOLO RUFFINI‘s turn: actor, director-producer, we will find him in theaters from July 6 with Rido perché ti amo, the story of a love ready to weather the storm. A costume designer for film, theater, television and opera since 1974, NICOLETTA ERCOLE has collaborated with many Italian and international directors: from Luchino Visconti to Roberto Benigni, via Giuseppe Tornatore, Gabriele Muccino, Margarethe Von Trotta, Alberto Sordi, James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola and many others. To the jurors, on July 24, he will tell one of the many facets of the cinema professions. On the same date, director and screenwriter RICCARDO MILANI will be in Giffoni, his latest work Grazie ragazzi is an emotional and introspective comedy that brings precise his idea of cinema capable of making people think with the right and intelligent lightheartedness.

Tuesday, July 25, BRUNO OLIVIERO Italian director, screenwriter and cinematographer, winner of a Silver Ribbon, a David di Donatello and a Flaiano Award. And FRANCESCO GRISI, film producer, for an appointment in collaboration with EDI. On July 26, it will be the turn of ANTONIA TRUPPO, actress, two-time winner of the David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress: in 2016 for Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot and in 2017 for Indivisibili.With TG1’s central editor-in-chief of the Interior newsroom FRANCESCO GIORGINO, they will talk about Fake News and journalism. AND ANGELO CURTI, president of Teatri Uniti, has been combining his theatrical activity with film production since the 1990s, contributing to the debut of some of Italy’s most significant authors, including Mario Martone, Stefano Incerti, Paolo Sorrentino, Pippo Delbono and Mimmo Paladino. On July 27 in Giffoni CPM MUSIC INSTITUTE and composer LUDOVICO CLEMENTE who has created the soundtrack for renowned and numerous brands and organizers such as UEFA, Formula1, Ferrari, Maserati, Barcelona FC, Balich Wonder Studio, Filmmaster and many others.

Also, ANDREA ROMEO, the founder and editorial director of I Wonder Pictures. The company that distributes Everything Everywhere All at Once in Italy; The Whale and Navalny: the three Oscar 2023 films. And LUCA BARBARESCHI, actor, director and producer. On JULY 28, actress BIANCA NAPPI will come to Giffoni instead: overwhelming and eclectic, in perfect balance between cinema and theater, she is one of the most beloved faces of the blockbuster series The Lolita Lobosco Investigations directed by Luca Miniero. SIMONE GIALDINI, president of Cinetel, the company jointly owned by the National Association of Cinema Exhibitors (ANEC) and Anica Servizi S.r.l., which takes care of the daily collection of box office and attendance figures in a sample of movie theaters throughout Italy and redistributes them by subscription to cinema operators. And LUCA BARBARESCHI, actor,movie director and producer.

To conclude there will be the, actor FRANCESCO RUSSO, on JULY 29, among the protagonists of Call My Agent – Italy, the adaptation of the French Dix pour cent directed by Luca Ribuoli and written by Lisa Nur Sultan available now on Sky Serie and Now and GISELLA MARENGO, actress and producer, for many years in the States, among the last films made The Mercenaries 4 – Expendables (Expend4bles), directed by Scott Waugh (2023).

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