Giancarlo Giorgetti


In liaison the Ministry of Economy and Finance: “There is a gap of expertise on these subjects. Thanks to education we will give them status.” His words about the international scene: “What we need are strong administrations. That’s not the current case in Europe, making it difficult to take immediate actions.”

I’m not physically in the room, but I’m still here”: that’s the beginning of this morning message for the Impact! Section by Ministry of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti. To welcome him Giffoni founder Claudio Gubitosi: “I’m really happy about this meeting. We are reporting a great deal of attention as a result of all that is happening in Giffoni right now, from the movies to the many stars. This section is called “impact” because our goal is to make these young people bloom.” The session starts from culture: in a professional view as well as any other kind. On this matter the Minister Giorgetti makes a plea to the young boys and girls for their involvement in public life, to be the main characters, not the audience. “A social agreement between generations needs to be made, otherwise it can’t withstand a relationship between who built – with sacrifices – our society and who is its future”.

Giorgetti explains how the national debt took its toll on our society: “In this regard, I think that it’s a matter of responsibility. Any debt should be taken in consideration only for investments that really help our country. It’s not fair that – as happened before – the Italians of today leave to those who come next the burden of refunding. We need to be fair, with no wastes, with investments that will create better living conditions and will make the country more attractive”.

Consequently, politics remains crucial. That’s why we need a strong politics, that can voice stable governments. But the Europe of today is not exactly reassuring. A good example is the uncertainty regarding Spain’s election: “Except for Italy, there aren’t – politically speaking – many strong governments in Europe. The European government itself gathers populists, socialists, the green parties, and the liberals. This is a bit of a problem, because – due to its diversity – Europe has not the same speed as China, America, or even Turkey to make a split-second decision. And that’s a problem.”

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