Gubitosi announces: “Giffoni54 will be held! The Campania Region showed its support and commitment for what will be the greatest and most intense edition ever”

While waiting for the signing of the agreement on the Development and Cohesion Funds, on the final day of the newly launched event Giffoni Shock, Giffoni’s founder declared: “I can finally reassure everyone. Our story could not be halted. On Tuesday the draws for the juries will take place. I would like to thank President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca for his commitment and support”

“We can finally say it: we are ready for #Giffoni54, taking place July 19-28. We are looking forward to delivering another great edition. We intend to make it truly memorable, an edition that will make people completely forget the uncertainties and worries that have marked the last few months.  The starting date is Tuesday, April 23, when the draw for all the juries that make up the festival will take place. The juries will consist of about 5,000 jurors from all over Italy and other 45 countries. The jurors are the driving force behind it all. The draws will then be followed by the selection of the 250 young people who will be at the core of one of the most important sections of Giffoni, the Impact, a true lab of ideas and a free space for thought. As we go on, we will be presenting all the tiles of the beautiful mosaic that is Giffoni: national and international premieres – there will be many -, talents, international guests, special events, great music, street art, as well as the participation of representatives of institutions, culture, art, science and journalism, who will play a major role in this edition’s various activities. We are going to have over 120 films in competition, with the selection process closing at the end of May. And we will soon be announcing the workshops and the creative villages open to everyone; with the brand new project Giffoni Sport, young people will be more and more at the center of it all. There will be many initiatives for parents as well and the partnership with national and international organizations will draw special attention to social issues”. This is what Giffoni founder and director Claudio Gubitosi said this morning at the closing ceremony of Giffoni Shock, a new event focused on art and the most innovative and creative expressive languages.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better occasion to announce #Giffoni54: a new five-day event involving hundreds of young people, the students from the Fine Arts Academy of Naples, many invited guests and 12 emerging artists who studied and devised the path that will give shape to the poster of the 54th edition of Giffoni”, Gubitosi continued.

“We are still waiting”, he added, for the government and the Campania Region to sign the program agreement concerning the Development and Cohesion Funds. However, one of the most highly anticipated events in Campania, Italy and the world could not fail to be officially confirmed. Over its 54 years of existence, Giffoni has been a captivating event that has been capable of drawing the love, affection and attention of millions of people to a small town in Campania. For so many years Giffoni has been the driving force behind a territorial transformation that has no equal in Italy, attracting investment and generating tourist flows. A place where so many generations have had their voices heard. In addition to these important matters, there are also all the social activities that we carry out throughout the year to support the growth and development of these generations. This is where millions of young people from all corners of the world meet and build indelible memories of their experience, which they keep on cherishing once they return to their everyday lives. We are also ready to resume our missions in Italian regions and overseas. Therefore, this news was eagerly awaited and is now a fact. It is finally official. I would like to thank President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca for showing us great attention, ensuring support and cooperation for the realization of #Giffoni54”.


“Despite the challenges we all know about”, director Gubitosi continued, “we are aware that the agreement on the Cohesion and Development Funds represents a very important tool for the present and future of our area, for supporting cultural activities, but also and above all for the development and growth of our communities. Culture is an essential part of development and growth projects, it is an economic and financial multiplier and, as is the case of Giffoni, it gives territories the opportunity to prove that European, state and regional investments are being used to achieve the goals that are set. I would also like to add that the Minister’s Departments for Development, Cohesion and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan have been monitoring cultural policies in Southern Italy for the past 14 years, and as far as Campania is concerned, they selected Giffoni as a model, praising its enterprise, goals, vision, employment opportunities and the extraordinary results achieved in terms of investment and more. That is why I decided to speak out from the very beginning. It was a necessary act and -I would add- an act of love. Love for Campania, for the South, for Italy. Because we should remember that it is thanks to Giffoni that Italy has the world leadership in this sector. It is thanks to Giffoni that the eyes of the world are on Campania, other than on Italy. Over the past few months I have felt a huge responsibility, which I have tried to manage with clarity of mind, balance and respect for everyone”.

Claudio Gubitosi concluded: “I want to thank everyone, especially the countless families who, even under circumstances marked by doubt and uncertainty, stood by us. I can say it today: they are millions. They applied for their children to be part of the juries without ever doubting that Giffoni would be held. Today is a really good day for me. Because I can finally reassure everyone. Giffoni has always been there and will keep on being there. And this year, thanks to my team’s dedication and passion, it will be better than ever”.



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