Here are the more than 100 titles in competition at #Giffoni53

New generations and social media, love for the environment, parents and children, dreams and obstacles to overcome.

Among the films in competition, there is also IL PIÙ BEL SECOLO DELLA MIA VITA by Alessandro Bardani, with Sergio Castellitto, Valerio Lundini, Carla Signoris and a soundtrack by Brunori Sas

The selection of the titles for #Giffoni53, scheduled from 20 to 29 July, it’s officially over. After the announcements of recent weeks, the program of the screenings is enriched with new feature and short films coming from all over the world. Friendship, love, the discovery of the other, the transition to adulthood, the parent-child relationship, but also illness, loss, conflicts, are some of the topics addressed by the works in competition. The team of Giffoni carefully evaluated more than 4,000 productions in pre-selection to offer, as usual, the best of the international cinema to its kids. Along with the works already selected (here are the works already announced:, the new films will be viewed and evaluated by the juries of Giffoni: more than 6,500 young people coming from all over the world, from 30 countries. They will decide the winners of the Gryphon Award. Here are the titles that complement the 2023 selection:

ELEMENTS +3 (from 3 to 5 years)
There are three animated feature films hors concours selected for the youngest. To those already announced is added THE MUCKLES – THE QUEST FOR A NEW HOME (Germany, Luxembourg) by Ali Samadi Ahadi and Markus Dietrich. The Muckles are little elves who love chaos and disorder. Forced to leave the grocery store in which they’ve been living for years, the three Muckles Svunja, Tjorben and Smartö start a journey to find a new home and save their tribe. In order to overcome the challenges of this adventurous expedition, they first need to become a team, not an easy task for the lively creatures. The director Ali Samadi Ahadi is already known to Giffoni; in past years, he presented to the audience of the festival: PETTERSSON AND FINDUS: A LITTLE NUISANCE, A GREAT FRIENDSHIP (Elements +6 in 2014), PETTSON AND FINDUS – FINDUS MOVES HOUSE (Elements +3 in 2019), MOONBOUND – PETER VA SULLA LUNA (Elements +3 in 2022).

ELEMENTS +3 (from 3 to 5 years) – SHORT FILMS
There are 24 short films in competition in the section dedicated to the youngest: friendship and environment are the topics of the adventurous stories that will capture them. Here are the titles ready to enchant younger jurors: “battery mommy” is ready to rescue children from a terrible fire in BATTERY MOMMY (South Korea) by Seungbae Jeon; time and circumstances change in BIRDS BY THE WAY (Russia), by Alla Vartanyan, but the two protagonists, a worm and a bird, always remain an invincible duo; in BLUE TEDDY BEAR (Croatia) by Marina Andree Skop, a child has just received a blue teddy bear, but his mother prevents him from playing with it for fear of dust and bacteria: the little protagonist can only imagine to play with his new friend; a big rock, Golem, turns into a bridge to help little animals to pass from one mountain to another in THE BRIDGE (Korea) by Kim Sohyun; a kid lives the adventure of a lifetime in Florence with an unexpected friend in BUON FERRAGOSTO (Canada) by Claudia Miatello; hunting with a funny cat ready to taste an unforgettable soup in CAT (Germany) by Julia Ocker; a chameleon tries to protect itself from an incoming danger with its camouflage, but it’s forced to escape, ending up in even more dangerous situations in THE CHAMELEON (Netherlands) by Pim ter Braak; tablet, dinosaur backpack: the baggage is ready! A girl goes to her grandma in the countryside. On arrival, she discovers that there’s no signal. How she’s going to have fun? All this is revealed to us by DINOSAUVROVO (Russia), directed by Masha Vselenskaya; a boy dreams of becoming a famous football player, but first he has to win a match in a small courtyard against a goose: here is the story of THE GOOSE (Czech Republic, 2022) by Jan Mika; we can meet a lively rice ball-boy with a triangle body and hair made of sesame seeds, in KONIGIRI-KUN – PARADE (Japan) by Mari Miyazawa; an unexpected encounter turns out in an important friendship in LITTLE FAN (Germany) by Sveta Yuferova and Shad Lee Bradbury; an insecure little mouse has to learn to be the greatest of all the rodents in THE LITTLE RAT (United States) by Maddy BensonTHE MERRY-GO-ROUND (Argentina) by Augusto Schillaci is the heart touching story of the beloved Argentine carnies who have dedicated their life to offer amusement and happiness to children; a greedy mouse remains trapped in a form of cheese in MOUSE HOUSE (Slovenia) by Timon Leder; a smart princess has to capture a golden magic fox to save her reign from eternal sadness in OREN’S WAY (United States) by Keika Lee; a family of little mice is looking for a new house in PEBBLE HILL (Switzerland) by Marjolaine Perreten; un unusual duet, composed of a cellist and a dog is ready to conquer the audience in PIRATE AND A CELLO (Russia); a little herring is stuck in a pool of see in POND (Switzerland) by Lena von Döhren and Eva Rust; we meet Ella, who has a magic wand able to draw cobwebs, in SPIN & ELLA (Belgium) by An Vrombaut; in the centrifuge of a washing machine, a pair of socks lose touch in SPIN CYCLE (Germany) by Gurli Bachmann; the mother squirrel is dedicated to collecting nuts, so she doesn’t have time to take care of her babies in SQUIRREL (Germany) by Julia Ocker; a needle and a wire do everything to be reunited in THREADED TOGETHER (United Kindom) by Shauna Ludgate; the soil tells about what happens while the farmers grow vegetables in THE TURNIP (Estonia) by Piret Sigus and Silja SaarepuuWHEN I WAS SCARED OF THE DARK (France) by Célia Tisserant and Arnaud Demuynck, the story of Robert and his fear of the dark, overcome thanks to his trusted teddy bear, closes the list.

ELEMENTS +6 (from 6 to 9 years)
Three new feature films have been selected for this section, in which adventure, fantasy, magic and friendship represent the most important topics. A 11-year-old boy and a super power: lighting up and shining. This is TONY, SHELLY AND THE MAGIC LIGHT (Czech Republic/Slovakia/Hungary) by Filip Pošivač. Right before Christmas, a strange girl named Shelly moves to his apartment and unsettles his world. Together, the two protagonists start a great venture: to discover the origin of the mysterious clumps of darkness that suck the sun from their house. The film has just won the Contrechamp Jury Award at the festival of Annecy. The director of this first feature has already presented the short film OVERBOARD! (Elements +3 in 2020) at Giffoni. We meet Max in COCO FARM (Canada), first feature film of director Sebastien Gagné. A 12-year-old entrepreneur, forced to close his “business” and move to the countryside with his father. When the boy discovers some free-range chickens in his cousins’ abandoned stable, in his mind a new entrepreneurial idea arises. We are in Vienna with NEW TALES OF FRANZ (Austria) by Johannes Schmid. Franz is in town for holidays, that start badly because his two best friends don’t talk anymore. An investigation and the adventurous pursuit of a thief bring them back to the quarter.

ELEMENTS +6 (from 6 to 9 years) – SHORT FILMS
There are eight short films for the audience ranging from 6 to 9 years. War and solidarity, fear and redemption, friendship, are the topic of the works in competition. Here are the titles: LIZZIE AND THE SEA (Italy) by Mariacarla NorallTHE GHASTLY GHOUL (Ireland) by Kealan O’Rourke and Maurizio ParimbelliGO AWAY, ALFRED! (France) by Célia Tisserant and Arnaud DemuynckPROMISED LAND (Luxembourg) by Tullio ForgiariniSKYDOME (Spain) by Adolfo Aliaga and Anna Juesas GarcíaSYMPHONY (Czech Republic) by Ondřej Nedvěd and Vojtěch KomárekTO BE SISTERS (France) by Anne-Sophie Gousset and Clément Céard, and WITCHFAIRY (Belgium) by Cedric Igodt and David Van de Weyer.

ELEMENTS +10 (from 10 to 12 years)
Hope and obstacles to overcome, friendship and war, dreams and wishes for the future: this is the starting point for some of the titles in the competition, selected for girls and boys aged 10 to 12. Joining the films already announced is THE LULUS (France, Luxembourg) by Yann Samuell, set in 1914. As the German army gains a foothold in northern France, four boys aged 10 to 15, Lucien, Lucas, Louis and Ludwig, are left behind when their orphanage is evacuated. They soon join Luce, a young girl separated from her parents, and decide to reach Switzerland by any means necessary. The film is distributed in Italy by 01 Distribution. The protagonist of THERE AND BACK (Russia), by Oleg Asadulin, is eleven-year-old Mitya, who is struggling with an illness. In the hospital he befriends the rebellious Marina, who is older than him, smokes and makes up stories. The children escape and go in search of Capo Storto, the place where wishes become reality. Adolescence is the focus of LIONESS (Netherlands) by Raymond Grimbergen. Rosie’s life changes when she moves with her family from Surinam to the Netherlands. Luckily, she has a goal: to become a football player. Finally, SCRAPPER (United Kingdom), a feature debut by Charlotte Regan, is about 12-year-old Georgie, who lives happily and alone in her London flat after the death of her mother, filling it with magic. One day, however, her father, with whom she has never lived, shows up at her door, forcing her to come to terms with reality. The film is distributed in Italy by Lucky Red.

ELEMENTS +10 (from 10 to 12 years) – SHORT FILMS
Nine short movies for audiences ranging from 10 to 12 years: LOOP (Italy) by Luigi RussoFUR (Netherlands) by Madeleine HomanUGHETTO FORNO – THE PARTISAN CHILD (Italy) by Fabio VascoGALIBOT (France) by Thomas VandenbusscheElise PetitAmbre GrangereauEmilie CousinWan-Jing Yang and Laure VernierGLADIATORS (Iran) by Maryam RahimiHARVEY (Canada) by Janice NadeauSONGBIRD (Ireland) by Viko NikciTHE THIRTEENTH YEAR (Iran) by Samad AlizadehXIAOHUI AND HIS COWS (China) by Xinying Lao.

GENERATOR + 13 (from 12 to 15 years)
The value of friendship, freedom and rediscovering one’s identity are at the heart of the feature films selected for this section. THE FANTASTIC THREE (France) directed by Michaël Dichter, will have its world premiere at Giffoni 2023. Set in the east of France, the film tells of the adventures of a group of preschool-aged teenagers, also known as “the fantastic three”. They are so close that they support each other in their complex family life. When the brother of one of the boys comes home from prison, he disrupts the harmony of the group by getting them involved in something unexpected. The cast includes French director/actress Emmanuelle Bercot, who directed the film STANDING TALL, which screened in the Generator +16 section at Giffoni in 2015. A suspenseful road film is KIDDO (Netherlands), the feature directed by Zara Dwinger, which screened in the Generation Kplus section of Berlinale 2023. Eleven-year-old Lu lives in her parents’ house waiting to meet her mother. She fantasises and makes everyone believe that she is a famous Hollywood actress. She does not yet know that the arrival of a rusty old Chevrolet will turn her life upside down and that her mother, a woman in cowboy boots and sunglasses, will take her on a flight to Poland in search of her grandmother’s money and a way to stay together forever. After several social and biographical documentaries, Ümran Safter made his feature film debut with GUILT (Turkey). In it, he tells the story of Reyhan, a young girl growing up in a very religious family and struggling with menarche and its consequences in her community. It is a film about the search for freedom – a way of confronting her grandmother and her mother – and about the guilt that is passed from generation to generation, trapped in a culture that seems frozen in time.

GENERATOR + 16 (from 15 to 18 years)
DELEGATION (Israel, Poland, Germany) by Asaf Saban is an emotional journey between the past and the present, a story with surprising narrative threads that balances the dark weight of history, the memory of the Holocaust, the lightness of the blossoming hearts of adolescence, historical tragedy and youthful vitality. A stolen object, the shoe of an anonymous concentration camp victim, becomes a symbol, an original solution to shed light on human fragility and the need to preserve memory. LONGING FOR THE WORLD (France) first feature by Jenna Hasse, tells of an unforgettable summer in which a little girl and a teenager, previously strangers, find themselves deeply connected, somehow indispensable to each other, accomplices like true sisters. The protagonist is 16-year-old Camille, who is pregnant, in LITTLE ONES (France), another debut film by Julie Lerat – Gersant. The girl does not want to keep her child, but now she is already in the fourth month, she has no other choice and so she tries to escape from reality, she tries to convince everyone – and especially herself – that her life will not be disturbed by this ‘accident in the street’. Her mother is very young, unstable and unable to help her, so Camille is forced to spend the months of her pregnancy in a centre for teenage mothers. The film is distributed in Italy by Satine Films. A different but equally complicated story is that of Lucie in NORMAL (France/Belgium) by Olivier Babinet. The girl runs the whole house by herself. She takes care of everything, does the housework, works part-time and steers her school life on an increasingly uncertain course. Her father, on the other hand, smokes hashish to escape the pain of a relentless illness, which he does his best to hide from the social services with the help of his daughter. It is a secret on which their ability to stay together to the end depends. NORMAL is distributed in Italy by No.Mad Entertainment. We are in the Ukrainian countryside with ROCK.PAPER.GREANDE (Ukraine) by Iryna Tsilyk, her feature film directorial debut. The protagonist is Tymophiy, who lives with his mother and grandmother. We are in the early 1990s. The story, which is characterised by a disturbing black humour, follows the growing up of a boy and goes through three different phases of his life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The narrative element, that is the central metaphor of the film, is Tymophiy’s friendship with Felix, his grandmother’s elderly, bizarre boyfriend, a war veteran suffering from PTSD and a traumatic past. The film also analyses in a highly original way of analysing the complexity and weight of relationships between children and adults in turbulent post-Soviet Ukraine.

GENERATOR + 18 (from 18 years old)
The feature films selected for older jurors are powerful and intense. Friendship is the focus of IL PIÙ BEL SECOLO DELLA MIA VITA (Italy), first feature by director Alessandro Bardani, with Sergio CastellittoValerio LundiniCarla SIgnoris and with a soundtrack by Brunori Sas. Giovanni and Gustavo are two centennial men not recognized by their parents at birth. Giovanni wants to fulfill a wish before is 100th birthday: to know whose son he is, and the only one who can help him is Gustavo who, does however, not seem very interested in the matter. A world premiere for Giffoni audiences that will be distributed in Italy by Lucky Red. Analyzing the relationship between Ki-young and Gil-ho, who sleeps on the street in front of his home, BIG SLEEP (South Korea), a debut feature by director Kim Tae-hoon. Initially hostile, Ki-young mellows out when he sees something of himself again in this boy who has run away from an abusive parent and fallen in with a gang of petty criminals. The relationship that will develop like a father-son one with one’s need to care for the other and Gil-ho’s need to feel loved. A coming-of-age that deals with themes of belonging (to a family unit, to a community…) and finding one’s identity: this is WE WILL NEVER BELONG (Mexico) Amelia Eloisa’s first feature film. Young Emi, following her mother’s affair with another woman, decides to move in with her father’s new family and her grandmother determined to figure out her place in the world. The section closes with AMA GLORIA (France), the first solo film for French director Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq. The bond between little Cléo and her nanny Gloria transcends blood relations and creates a relationship that goes beyond a mother-daughter one. The work shows us all the delicacy of this relationship but also the cruelty that a little girl can show from too much love and fear of loss. The feature film is distributed in Italy by I Wonder Pictures and was presented at the Semaine de la Critique at Cannes 2023.

Despair and salvation, choice and courage, new generations: these are the main tenses of the works selected for the GEX DOC category. It is a portrait of teenage girls, focusing on how they cope with the social pressures of growing up in a hyper-connected online world, BLOOM (Canada) debut feature by Fanie Pelletier. Through moments in the lives of three groups of girls, images collected from the web and live streamed from around the world, Jouvencelles immerses us in the world of today’s teenage girls. It premiered in November 2022 at the Montreal International Documentary Festival and won Best First Feature at the Ji.Hlava International Documentary Film Festival. With THE MOUNTAINS (Denmark), director Christian Einshoj, in his debut feature, gives us this sensitive self-portrait about the men in his family and the devastating tragedy that led to the distance between them. Using 30 years of home video, more than 75,000 photographs and a 1,600-kilometer journey to the Arctic Circle, he maps the terra incognita of their loss hoping of starting a dialogue. The constant need of confrontation between siblings and parents allows us to enter the beating heart of this family and allows Christian to see firsthand the feelings and frailties of his family members. How to deal with a loss that no one would be ready for? This is told in WHO AM I SMILING FOR? (Estonia) by Eeva Magi in her debut feature. Oliver, 12, and his mother, Mari, who is suffering from cancer, prepare to face a farewell. Mari tries to show Oliver how to talk to her when she is an angel or how they will play soccer together even after she is gone. At the same time, Mari must fight for custody of her daughter, to have a chance to see her before she dies. In the middle there’s Oliver, whose main wish is to be able to live happily forever together with his mother and sister. Finally, A GOLDEN LIFE (Burkina Faso / Benin / France) is a documentary filmed in a gold mine in southern Burkina Faso. Teenager Rasmané and his peers work every day from morning to night in the mines under the most precarious conditions, armed with nothing but pickaxes to reach the coveted gold. The director, Boubacar Sangare, is a law graduate, cinema and now works as a lawyer and director. A Golden Life is his first solo feature film as a director. And the first film from Burkina Faso and Benin to be screened at Giffoni.

For Giffoni, families are the most precious asset: Parental Experience was created with precisely this goal in mind: to dedicate a section designed specifically for parents who want to feel an active part of the Festival. Among the titles in competition: to fight a discomfort, Matteo imagines a different fate. But will it really be just a game? We find it out with YOU PROMISED (Italy) by Marco RendaBABY. MOON PARK (Italy) by Alice Ambrogi, deals with the discordant feelings a woman experiences following an emotional trauma. Ninni and her father Amelio dream of redeeming their modest life, an exciting story that comes to terms with adult cruelty in DON’T BE CRUEL (Italy) by Andrej Chinappi. The dream of a young influencer is shown by Elisabetta Giannini’s DREAMING OF VENICE (Italy). Based on Irène Némirovsky’s classic of the same name, Susy Laude’s THE BALL (Italy) tells of Antoniette and her parents‘ desire to be accepted into high society. Anton searches for his own identity: he’s the protagonist of OUT OF CHARACTER (Italy) by Niccolò GioiaROOM 5 (Italy) by Rosario Capozzolo and it is based on a true story. Inside a hospital ward, Ilde, an elderly Covid survivor, is letting herself die because she has no one outside. The arrival of a young roommate, Simona, challenges what is now taken for granted by doctors. It is a difficult relationship between father and children that is told by IT’S PERFECTLY OKAY TO LIE (Taiwan) by I Hui Lee. Sarah and Salem are in the care of social services. During a meeting with their parents, the children start fighting over a toy. But what is the real reason of the sudden quarrel? We find out with MY TOY (Denmark) by Mazen Hai Kassem. Set on a farm in rural Northern Ireland, Tom Berkeley and Ross White’s AN IRISH GOODBYE (Ireland) is a black comedy that follows the reunion of brothers Turlough and Lorcan after the untimely death of their mother. It is a sibling confrontation shown by Anna Karín Lárusdóttir’s FELT CUTE (Iceland); what happens to planet Earth every day? Narrating it is Guido Manuli’s I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. Maine and her family accompany her father on his last journey in Jawahine Zentar’s ON MY FATHER’S GRAVE (France);  a little girl goes to the amusement park without her parents‘ permission in Mohamad Kamal Alavi’s THE SINGLE HORN (Iran): when she returns home everything changes; she will have to make a big choice; a Kurdish girl tries to bring a smile back to her grandmother’s face in THINGS UNHEARD OF (Turkey) by Ramazan Kilic, after the disappearance of her television, the only window on the world; the selection is closed by NOBODY (Netherlands) by Job, Joris & Marieke, the story of an influencer who will have to do everything to regain his “visibility”.

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