“Noi anni luce”, the preview on 23 July at #Giffoni53

The protagonists Carolina Sala, Rocco Fasano, Laila Al Habash and the director Tiziano Russo will talk for the first time about the film, produced and distributed by Notorious Pictures, to the jurors, coming from 30 countries, and answer to their questions.

The film preview will be presented at the Giffoni Film Festival on 23 Julyexclusively for the 6,500 jurors of #Giffoni53. The teen-drama Noi anni luce by Tiziano Russo, produced and distributed by Notorious Pictures, is interpreted by Carolina Sala and Rocco Fasano, alongside Caterina GuzzantiFabio TroianoAdalgisa Manfrida and the famous singer Laila Al Habas and will be released in cinemas on 27 July.

In the film there is also the original song Mi piace molto by the popular songwriter Aiello, available since 27 May on all music platforms. The protagonists Carolina SalaRocco FasanoLaila Al Habash and the director Tiziano Russo will talk for the first time about the film to the jurors, coming from 30 countries, and answer to their questions.

After the recent success of Skam Italia 5Russo goes on with the teen genre, addressing universal and sensitive issues such as illness, love affairs but also friendship and social redemption.

Noi anni luce, tells the story of Elsa (intensely interpreted by Carolina Sala), a seventeen-year-old girl who suddenly discovers she’s suffering from leukaemia. Her only opportunity to survive is a bone marrow transplant but the only one who can donate is the father she has never known.

Thus begins the coming-of-age story of Elsa, who starts a road trip in search of the man who can save her life. To accompany her is Edo (interpreted by Rocco Fasano, also fresh from the success of Skam Italia, of which he has been a protagonist in the second season, and the film Non mi uccidere by Andrea De Sica), a boy she has known at the hospital, who is suffering from the same disease.

There seems to be no points in common between Elsa and Edo, aside from suffering from the same disease, from which he almost recovered. Or at least this is what he told her…

Caterina Guzzanti and Fabio Troiano play Elsa’s parents. Mila, the young woman the protagonists encounter during their trip, is interpreted by the renowned singer Laila Al Habash, who came to success thanks to the cult indie-pop song Come quella volta.

The cast also includes: young Adalgisa Manfrida (from the Netflix series Luna nera), playing Nurse Carla, and Daniele Parisi (Skam Italia, 2022; Orecchie, Alessandro Aronadio, 2016), playing the doctor.

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