Dancing queen


Everything is possible in the name of love in the competing feature film DANCING QUEEN for the Elements +10 section.

The jurors of the Elements +10 section in the Sala Alberto Sordi attended the screening of the film DANCING QUEEN directed by Aurora Gossé. Young Mina is a kid like many others, at least on the outside. The beauty standards set by society, which require all women to be slim, clash with Mina’s harsh reality. Her chubby figure, however, does not prevent her from living a normal and fulfilling life.

On the brink of experiencing the most difficult period in the history of human existence, namely the teenage years, Mina’s ordinary everyday life is turned upside down by the arrival of a new boy at her school: Edwin alias E.D. Win. In addition to being a handsome boy, he is also very popular on social media with thousands of followers, thanks to his talent as a hip hop dancer. When Mina finds out that the boy has moved to her town, she decides to do everything she can to win him over.

The right opportunity to show off before his eyes, is to enter a dance competition, the prize for which is a performance with him. Without a second thought, Mina decides to enter, not considering at all that there is only one thing standing between her and victory: she cannot dance. By the time she realises this, it is too late, and she decides to go ahead with her crazy plan of conquest. The opportunity to spend time with Edwin is all she cares about. Supporting her, it is her grandmother who, to make her granddaughter happy, will give her dance lessons, in view of the upcoming audition.

On the day of the audition, Mina’s rehearsal is a disaster, so much so that she is picked on by everyone, including the boy she has moved mountains to win over. From this great disappointment, Mina will try to rise from her ashes, not caring about the judgement of others and going forward with her head held high, only doing what her heart is telling her to do, as only a true Dancing Queen can do.

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