Longing for the world


Transgression and desire to escape for the three protagonists of the film in competition LONGING FOR THE WORLD for the Generator +16 section.

The fifth day of the 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival for the jurors of the Generator +16 section began in the Sala Truffaut with the screening of the film in competition LONGING FOR THE WORLD, French title L’amour du Monde directed by Portuguese-Swiss director Jenna Hasse. Making her debut as the director of a feature film, the filmmaker has so far dedicated her career to short films that trace back to the events experienced by the protagonist Margaux.

Regarded as a kind of alter ego, the women who are part of her everyday life have been fundamental to Hasse. Inspired by the 1928 book L’amour du monde by writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, the film creates a precarious balance between what the protagonists dream about and what they are condemned, in a way, to live.

The story revolves around the lives of three young men, all of whom have a complicated relationship with their families, which is far from what they all dream of. Set in Switzerland, Margaux is a fourteen-year-old girl who finds herself spending the summer with her father, who is working on an internship involving struggling children. Upon her arrival, the girl meets a little girl named Juliette, who hasa vivacious temperament and with whom she immediately forges a special bond of friendship. While spending much of their day together, they meet young Joël, a fisherman who has returned to Switzerland after the loss of his mother. His only goal in life at this moment is to hop on a plane to Thailand. Being used to a static, emotionless life, for the first time Margaux gets to experience some excitement and transgression outside the box.

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