The President of the European Parliament addressed a video to the Giffoners: “Many challenges in these years, from pandemic to war but when I look at you, I know that the future will be bright”.

Before the official opening of the 53rd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival –this afternoon at 17 in the presence of the President of Regione Campania Vincenzo De Luca – Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, delivered a speech addressed to young girls and boys of Giffoni. It is a call to fight for a freer and more cohesive Europe, as a testament of hope – a symbol that will always be associated with Europe.

I am really happy to speak to you, the youth of Europe and the world” – began the President of the European Parliament – “You are here, in the beautiful setting of the Campania region, and you are the living heart of the edition number 53 of this festival, which is made of cinema, creativity and exchange. The films in competition tell stories about who wants to find their place in a world full of challenges, like the most recent ones: a global pandemic, a war of aggression in our own continent, an energy crisis, inflation, cyber war, it all adds up to the ticking clock of climate emergency.

According to the President of Brussels Assize Court, young people have a place, a role, a function that they can fulfil: “I would like to briefly discuss your role in Europe. I am proud of the goals achieved by our European Union. We came together to defend our values, we created job opportunities, and stood firm when freedom and justice were brutally threatened. This is the Europe promised to my generation, the Europe we must pass on to the next one, to you. Youth, you are indispensable in carrying on the ideals that Europe represents and fighting for the Europe you wish to see: this is your Europe. This does not mean that the European Union is perfect – far from it. The world is changing, and we must not be afraid of change. That is why Europe needs your participation, to regain the sense of hope and possibility that the European Union offers”.

At the end of her speech, Roberta Metsola stressed the importance of election date for next year’s election of European Parliament’s members: “In a year’s time – she continued – we will vote for the new European Parliament, which must continue to deliver results and can only do so if it remains a home for all. It is you who can trace the path of Europe’s future. You are my voice, the voice of my colleagues, the voice of every European citizen. Despite the numerous challenges, I remain optimistic, full of hope and, when I look at the youth of Europe and the world, I know that the future is bright“.

Giffoni represents a time of growth and dialogue in the lives of young people: “Have fun, be open, interact with each other, ask questions, take a little piece of Europe home with you and let it grow whenever you go”, this is the appeal to Giffoners.

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