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The ninth day of the Festival begins in SALA TRUFFAUT with NORMAL for the GENERATOR +16 category.

The ninth day of the Festival begins in SALA TRUFFAUT with NORMAL for the GENERATOR +16 category. Director Oliver Babinet tells the story of a special family: 14-year-old Lucie is taking care of her father, William, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. William is a loving but unreliable person. When a social worker is assigned to visit them, Lucie and her father come up with an elaborate plan to paint a picture of a perfectly normal life.

After the voting, in SALA TRUFFAUT it will be the turn of JUNIORS, a feature film in competition for the GENERATOR +13 category (France, 2022, directed by Hugo Thomas). Jordan and Patrick are fourteen years old. Their entire world is the PlayStation, they play Call of Duty. When the PlayStation breaks down, they organise a fund-raising campaign by pretending that one of them has cancer. They quickly turn into local stars and the lie spirals out of control, threatening their friendship.

In SALA GALILEO the jurors of the GENERATOR +18 category will watch THEO – A CONVERSATION WITH HONESTY, a film in competition for the PARENTAL EXPERIENCE category. Simi, an 18-year-old boy, decides to lose his virginity urged on by his more experienced friends. He chooses Tamara, a school friend. His first experience turns out to be a disaster and social media makes things worse. This first sexual encounter between the two becomes a viral topic online and casts the boy into total disarray.

It is also voting day for the SHORT FILMS.

From 10 a.m. and again from 5 p.m:, in SALA SORDI, the competing titles for the ELEMENTS +10 category will be: FUR by Madeleine Homan(Netherlands, 2022, 5′ 21”), GALIBOT by Thomas Vandenbussche, Elise Petit, Ambre Grangereau, Emilie Cousin, Wan-Jing Yang, Laure Vernier (France, 2022, 5′ 45”), GLADIATORS by Maryam Rahimi (Iran, 2022, 9′), HARVEY by Janice Nadeau (Canada, 2023, 9′), LOOP by Luigi Russo (Italy, 2023, 25′ 43′), SONGBIRD by Viko Nikci (Ireland, 2022, 15′), THE THIRTEENTH YEAR by Samad Alizadeh (Iran, 2023, 10′), UGHETTO FORNO – THE PARTISAN CHILD by Fabio Vasco (Italy, 2022, 15′), XIAOHUI AND HIS COWS by Xinying Lao (China, 2023, 14′ 54′).

For the ELEMENTS +6 category, in SALA LUMIÈRE, the competing titles from 4:00 p.m. will be: THE GHASTLY GHOUL by Kealan O Rourke, Maurizio Parimbelli (Ireland, 2022, 28′), PROMISED LAND by Tullio Forgiarini (Luxembourg, 2022, 11′), SYMPHONY by Ondřej Nedvěd, Vojtěch Komárek (Czech Republic, 2023, 8′ 33′), GO AWAY, ALFRED! by Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck (France, 2023, 11′), LIZZIE AND THE SEA by Mariacarla Norall (Italy, 2023, 7′ 35”), SKYDOME by Adolfo Aliaga, Anna Juesas García (Spain, 2022, 4′), TO BE SISTERS by Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard (France, 2022, 7′ 20′), WITCHFAIRY by Cedric Igodt, David Van de Weyer (Belgium, 2022, 15′).

For the ELEMENTS +3 category, in SALA LUMIÈRE, the titles in competition, from 7:30 pm: BIRDS, BY THE WAY by Alla Vartanyan (Russia, 2022, 10′ 25”), DINOSAUVROVO by Masha Vselenskaya (Russia, 2023, 4′ 16”), SPIN & ELLA by An Vrombaut (Belgium, 2022, 7′ 5”), SPIN CYCLE by Gurli Bachmann (Germany, 2022, 7′ 11”), SQUIRREL by Julia Ocker (Germany, 2022, 3′ 37”), THREADED TOGETHER by Shauna Ludgate (United Kingdom, 2022, 6′), THE TURNIP by Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu (Estonia, 2022, 7′ 12”), WHEN I WAS SCARED OF THE DARK by Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck (France/Belgium, 2022, 8′).

Starting at 4 p.m, in SALA GALILEO the short films in competition presented for the PARENTAL EXPERIENCE category: AN IRISH GOODBYE by Tom Berkeley, Ross White (Ireland, 2022, 20′), FELT CUTE by Anna Karín Lárusdóttir (Iceland, 2022, 15′), I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT by Guido Manuli (France, 2022, 2′ 15′), IT’S PERFECTLY OKAY TO LIE by I Hui Lee (Taiwan, 2023, 15′), MY TOY by Mazen Haj Kassem (Denmark, 2023, 8′ 33”), NOBODY by Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands, 2022, 9′ 15”), ON MY FATHER’S GRAVE by Jawahine Zentar (France, 2022, 23′ 59”), THE SINGLE HORN by Mohamad kamal Alavi (Iran, 2022, 13′ 30”).

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