Unicef Italia at the 54th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival

The film “SHOES” by Giuseppe Carrieri will premiere to celebrate 50 years of UNICEF Italia’s activities. Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF Italia ALESSANDRA MASTRONARDI to be the guest of honor

UNICEF Italia will be participating in the 54th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival – scheduled to be held July 19-28 in Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno) – to celebrate 50 years of commitment to so many children in Italy and around the world.

The festival theme this year will be The Illusion of Distance; among the many topics addressed during the event will be ethnic discrimination, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, sports as an opportunity for redemption and growth and the challenges of being parents and children.

“On behalf of UNICEF Italia, we are delighted to participate in the Giffoni Film Festival to celebrate our first 50 years of activity. Giffoni offers ways to talk to young people and to address important issues through the language of film, which has the ability to spark reflection, show distant worlds and bring young people closer to subjects and situations that are sometimes too distant or different, fostering a process of awareness and knowledge that UNICEF has always encouraged, with the aim of building a child-friendly world”, said President of UNICEF Italia Carmela Pace.

 On July 27, in the Sala Truffaut at 5 p.m. and in the Sala Blu at 6 p.m., the film “Shoes”,  written and directed by Giuseppe Carrieri with the support of UNICEF Italia, will be premiered.

“Shoes” is the story of K. and Peter, two young people making a living in Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) by reselling items salvaged from one of the largest landfills in Africa. K.’s dream is to make his only friend, who has always been in a wheelchair, walk. To achieve that, however, they will need a pair of magic shoes. Starring Joseph Odhiambo and Joris Omwamba, the film is a Natia Docufilm production with the support of UNICEF Italia.

The screenings will be followed by a debate with director Giuseppe Carrieri and director of photography Andrea Longhin, with the participation of UNICEF Italia Executive Director Paolo Rozera, UNICEF Italia Spokesperson Andrea Iacomini and UNICEF Senior Emergency Coordinator Lucio Melandri; attending as guest of honor will be UNICEF Italia Goodwill Ambassador Alessandra Mastronardi.

“Cooperating with UNICEF is a source of great pride for us and a unique opportunity to keep promoting core values such as solidarity, inclusion and protection of the rights of children and young people”, said Giffoni managing director Jacopo Gubitosi. “Together we can create meaningful projects that not only raise awareness about crucial issues, but also give young people a space to express themselves and be heard. This year at Giffoni we are celebrating UNICEF’s 50th anniversary, a milestone that exemplifies our shared commitment and dedication to supporting and protecting the rights of children around the world”.

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